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I'm setting up a point commission here:…

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Wishing you a happy birthday for the best art you've drawn! Especially best of all: The Sonic OC arts with SA Styles!

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-Crossovers are okay. (But I don't mix with any kind that makes me feel nervous. Like Disney and Sonic for example.)

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-Male Feet
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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Hey guys, TreeofLife911 here. :(

UPDATE: Spread this! I forgot to mention that!

Today marks 14 years since not only Sonic X's Season 3 finale, but also the last appearance of my favorite character: Cosmo.

For those who don't know, here's the last episode they made:…

Cosmo was a polite and gentle Seedrian who was the last one to survive after she escaped from the army of robotic aliens called: "The Metarex" lead by Dark Oak who wiped out her entire clan to steal the planet eggs that keeps the planets' life-force in order to conquer the entire universe. So she needed Sonic and his friends' help to defeat them. She was also a great friend to Tails and their bonds grow while they were traveling. However, she was also revealed to be a Metarex spy after they implanted the microscopic device that allows the Metarex to hear and see. But despite that, her friends and even Tails still support her to stop Dark Oak once and for all much to Shadow's discomfort. But during the last battle, in order to save the Galaxies from being destroyed, Cosmo sacrificed herself to hold the Metarex and Tails fired the cannon to destroy the Metarex and Cosmo too, much to her friends' grief and mostly for Tails. But Cosmo's seed that Sonic gave to Tails blooms in hopes that whether or not she comes back.

In honor for her last appearance, I will be sharing somebodies' pics and my own gif:

Cosmo hugs Cheese GIF by TreeofLife911 Cosmo Stamp by dragontamer272 Cosmo by Aamypink Cosmo Wallpaper by NoNamepje .:Cosmo:. by Aria-Pari Cosmo by shadow-of-myself Cosmo by Celina8 New Cosmo Stamp by dragontamer272 Cosmo the seedrian by EROS-ARISTOTELES-ART 'Don't Go Cosmo' by Sakura123Cha Cosmo by aggieandco Cosmo Reference by Lucky-Sonic-77-d Cosmo The Seedrian Render by Nibroc-Rock cosmo adult by EliseTheHedgehog26 Blooming Cosmo Stamp by Vertekins Cosmo the seedrian COMPLETE by mikarin-san Cosmo The Seedian by PrincessEmerald7 Cosmo Chao by RezkaPrataM4X Cosmo the Seedrian - Moonflower by BroDogz Cosmo and Cheese by Cheroy Pedido - Tails y Cosmo by princesayuuki Cosmo and Cheese by nekomell Cosmo Final Form by Sonicgirl582 Sonic X - Cosmo by emotwo Blooming Cosmo by GistMellow Cosmo by Cheroy Tails and Cosmo- I love you by Absolhunter251 Cosmo by Nira-The-Dark Cosmo Stamp by catiexshadow SONIC: Cosmo the Seedrian by Bowgirl5 love cosmo club's ID by lovecosmo-club SA: Cosmo by MetalPandora Cosmo Out the Window by thefoxbros Tails + Cosmo by aun61 SAI: Cosmo look around by cmara Com: Cosmo by MetalPandora Cosmo the seedrian by EROS-ARISTOTELES-ART Cute Cosmo by sarahlouiseghost

 Cosmo The Seedrian Logo (2018 Rendition) by Mauritaly Cosmo and Galaxina by Domestic-hedgehog 'It's okay, Cosmo.' by cmara Cosmo - We Can Share My Heart by BroDogz Cosmo: ... by cmara Cosmo's running by cmara Cosmo the seedrian by EROS-ARISTOTELES-ART 

And a background music video I found while we start to remember Cosmo:

For those of you who are Cosmo fans and my friends, I thank you for your support! And thank you, Cosmo! We will never forget you! Waaaah! 


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