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The Forest Trickling Rivulet. by SueMArt
Transfluxion by offermoord
Deep In The Forest by silviya
Ruins in the forest by Katarzyna-Kmiecik
Traditional art
Awakening by Valentina-Mustajarvi
Tropical night by TheSilverElf
-Two- by RiEile
Elven gate by TheSilverElf
Digital art
Fallenmire, City of Miracles by Petros-Stefanidis
Total Lunar Eclipse 21-1-2019 by marijeberting
Chapter 1: What Dwells Beneath the Canopy by Herobii
011419Rest by Dragonforge
Craft and Design
Kyanite pendant by jessy25522
Sakura full blossom sculpted tree by eVolutionZ
Pomegranate Flower by Yutaan
Christmas trees by Twystedroots
Fractal trees
Mangrove Forest by marijeberting
Alien Connections by janhein
Snowman in snowy landscape by marijeberting
How to hang my translucent Christmas bauble ...? by marijeberting
Mountain tree by ElenaDudina
Arwen by annewipf
Sous terre by gilly2727
The Garden of Pearls by annewipf
Living monuments
12-1-2014 wishing tree-terebinth by poseidonsimons-s
15-5-2015 1500 year old Olive tree at Skarinou-Gol by poseidonsimons-s
homeland of imps by Attila-G
enjoy beautiful moments by MT-Photografien
Art for Trees project
Como fazer um Cactid by augustelos
How to make a Cactid by augustelos
01.01.2019 by Badusev
How to make a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing by augustelos
Traditional archive
What do you think you're doing, you fool? by Juliano-Pereira
comfy seat by Junepaek
Hi! by ALEXAst
Yoda by puimun
Traditional archive 2
Gore Forest by offermoord
"non-members submit here"
Vaahtera talviasussa by KorsonOraakkeli
Tales of Trees contest
~New Birth~ by JustAnoR
"TREE OF..." contest



I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree.
A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
Against the earth's sweet flowing breast;


A tree that looks at God all day
And lifts her leafy arms to pray;
A tree that may in Summer wear
A nest of robins in her hair;


Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
Who intimately lives with rain.
Poems are made by fools like me,
But only God can make a tree.

~ Joyce Kilmer from 'Trees', 1914


"When is the best time to plant a tree? Twenty years ago. The second best time? Today."
- Chinese proverb






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Welcome, tree lover! (and rules)


Trees have always been something more than just plants to the mankind. The worship of trees might be forgotten, but still the symbol of tree survives in our subconscious. Almost every nation has myths and legends about trees, placing the tree as the central axis of the world, or worshipping it as a dwelling place of gods or spirits, the giver of knowledge, connection between worlds or as ancestors of the tribe. And the fact that you are here proves that the love for trees survives until this day.

If you are interested in the role of trees in mythology, you can find more in this news article:
Magic TreesTrees have always been something more than just plants to the mankind. The worship of trees might be forgotten, but still the symbol of tree survives in our subconscious. Almost every nation has myths and legends about trees, placing the tree as the central axis of the world, or worshipping it as a dwelling place of gods or spirits, the giver of knowledge, connection between worlds or as ancestors of the tribe.   
In Norse mythology, a giant ash tree - Yggdrasil - represents "axis mundi", around which the 9 worlds (the world of people - Middle-earth, being one of them) are organized. A giant snake, Níðhöggr, gnaws at its roots, but they always grow anew.
Yggdrasil Seed by ArdiRaYggdrasil by Prasa
The biblical Tree of Knowledge has even some similarities to Yggdrasil. The snake is present, also, an

Group rules!This blog will be updated regularly for new members. The basic rules are on the front page, but here they are with examples as well, because there is a grey are in some rules where a picture might get accepted or declined according to the personal opinion of the admin.
First of all:
:icontreehuggerplz: WE ARE A GROUP FOCUSED ON TREES IN TRADITIONAL AND DIGITAL ART. For tree photography, go to our sister group :icontreephotographers:
A tree or its part MUST be the main part of the picture, or at least one of its main parts, not just background or material (crafts made from wood).
:iconyesbuttonplz: - the tree is clearly the main part of the picture
:iconyesbuttonplz: - trees are not the only focus of the picture, but they are still important in it.
:iconmaybebuttonplz: - the tree makes more of a background for the main object of the picture, but is still seen in detail.

WE ARE A GROUP FOCUSED ON TREES IN TRADITIONAL AND DIGITAL ART. For tree photography, go to our sister group :icontreephotographers:
A tree or its part MUST be the main part of the picture, or at least one of its main parts.

Photography submissions to the gallery will be declined, but you can submit them to the group's favourites…

The submission limit is three works per day.

Our gallery folders are:
:icontreesplz: Traditional art - for traditional drawings and paintings
:icontreesplz: Digital art - for digital drawings and paintings
:icontreesplz: Literature - for poems and stories featuring trees
:icontreesplz: Crafts and Design - sculpture, body art, jewelery, bead work and everything handmade, also tattoo and t-shirt design
:icontreesplz: Fractal Trees - made with fractal programmes
:icontreesplz: Living monuments - is the only photography folder, but it's only for the photos of the most exceptional trees - biggest, oldest, with exceptional history... If the reason of submitting the photo into this folder is not obvious, it must be stated in the artist's comments. Please don't submit a photo of every bigger tree in your surroundings, the true living monuments are only a few, and collecting them is the sense of this folder.
:icontreesplz: Photomanipulation - must be easily discernable from a photo, not just a photo with some filters but more connected elements, and should be in the digital art-> photomanipulation cathegory

I hope you'll have a nice time in the group! If you have any questions, send a note to the group, or to me, :iconmirachravaia:



Affiliate contest winners

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 20, 2016, 9:22 AM

The winners of the Memories of Trees Contest, organized by



1st place


Les enfants disent qu'il y a un chevalier dedans.. by Sieskja

2nd place


Vessel by Chobek

3rd place

:iconstarcaster12:, :iconoffermoord: and :iconmalintra-shadowmoon:

  Two TreesThere was a tree.
A tree without leaves, not dead, but with many needles.
Not for pricking but to protect itself against acid rain and scorching sun.
A tall tree which radiated an imperturbable calm in summer and winter.
Deeply rooted in the earth and high risen to the sky.
There was another tree.
Completely different. Even the bark indeed playfully spotted black and white.
And it wore leaves that played constantly moving with the sunrays.
As soon as the short summer was over, the leaves turned yellow and brown.
Even before the first frost, they sailed away, as there had never been a green time.
Before the memory of summer faded in the mist of yesterday, the first buds sprouted again.
Tender green leaves made their way out of them.
One day the sky darkened and there was a heavy storm.
With a load roar, it swept through the forest, uprooted shrubs and trees.
After days of fury it disappeared as sudden as if it had been only a mirage.
Completely ruined it left the forest.
Barely a tree t
   Twilight Current by offermoord

Honorable Mentions

:iconerintii:, :iconblue-f-phoenix:, :iconcontessa-corvulus: and :icontuntalm:

In the shadow of old birch treeHe walked down the street silent as the dream. Eventually he reached park full of old trees. Lights made streets bright and prevent inhabitants from seeing stars. People were not interested in starts or skies above, but in their own, boring everyday life. Unfortunately, no one noticed tall man in a long, dark jacket.  
Children are afraid of the dark no without the reason, but when grow up they learned to call instincts “primitive fears from the barbarian period” as modern psychology tended to say. They are turning off voices telling them to avoid dark and unknown. How anyone can be afraid of the dark if we have nuclear weapon and mathematic formulas to reduce the variability?
Man in the dark coat by now way fitted to great city concentrated of boring, everyday life. He came from places none of mannish languages or psychics by Newton were able to describe. He visited words full of shapes and forms unknown to humans, as skies full of singing stars and speaking clouds. H

Wishing on the tree by Blue-F-Phoenix   Memories of a Tree [Contest] by Contessa-Corvulus


The winners of the Stock Usage Contest: Trees, organized by




House for fairies by Lubov2001



Blooming blossoms by RenatoSs

Other entries:

 A Surreal Couple (v.3b) by SlytherclawPadawan  Fading Away by KarmaRae Blossom Space by Fairling Transplantation I by hyneige

More Journal Entries


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You might be interested in my sorcery tree-work..
I looked at a seven trees canopy which had gaps and spaces where branches should be to make the collective canopy round and complete..  I telepathed to each tree's main root, directing and requesting where it should grow branches..  Two years later all the branches were grown exactly as requested..

I planted two baby silver maples in my yard, and added a bit of my spirit to ones main root..  In four-years it is 20-feet tall, and full, five times larger than the one I didn't communicate with..  It grows its branches how I request...

I planted a tiny potted bing cherry tree in my yard..  The store label said it doesn't flower for 5-years..  In its third year, I held a branch to my face, and telepathed to the main root "Your majesty my child, I would love to see your beautiful flowers.  It would make me so happy to see your beautiful flowers. May I see your beautiful flowers?"..  The next year it pushed out nine flowers just on that branch..  Somehow it doubled its leaves quantity..  I showed it a mental image of a forest..  Now it's sending out root runner, popping up cherry trees all over the yard, and is going in to the two neighbor's yards too..  She's creating her own forest..This is how you 'hug a tree'..  A tree becomes so proud, loving, and responsive when a greater being acknowledges it as an equal..  I love trees, and they love me right back..  They and I are life as life as it gets...

A month ago, I imaged evolving the cherry tree's spirit into an aura around the tree..  To my surprise, a winged creature rose up in the tree, looking like a faceless 'angel'..  I did something to that tree then, but I'm not sure what it was I did..?  What is that soft glowing winged tree thing..?

Trees are the planet's gills for it to breathe with..  The planet is a dragon egg creating itself..  The planet is falling apart because we have chopped down too many trees..  She's suffocating to death..  We are murdering our planet.. I tell them, but they won't listen..  The mindless cocaine-damaged kooks and goofs running our world call me 'delusional'..  They should see themselves from my vantage...

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