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Demon Eye

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First of an EyeART series :) Enjoy :D

- Demon Eye is a design made and copyrighted by Treehouse Charms (Gina & Andi).
- You are NOT allowed to use 'Demon Eye' or 'Demon Eye High Quality' for comercial artbusiness.
- You are NOT allowed to sell this design in any form or way!

Andi of Treehouse Charms
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© 2006 - 2020 TreehouseCharms
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redroxystudiosProfessional Digital Artist
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Guys: I saw this picture and fell in love with it. I am releasing a cd late this summer and wanted to know if you would let me use it for the cover? If so how much to license it from you? Thanks for the help and good day.

Mark Reed
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can i use this for podcast website?
here is the link to the website
i'll make sure you get credit for your art

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NaesthielHobbyist General Artist
How can something that beautiful be a demons eye?
I simply can't turn my head away :)
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thank you... :love:
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AScarletmoon17Hobbyist General Artist
:iconholymotherofgodplz: eye of Sauron
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Hi there,
I am creating a video for my new book "Judgment Day" and was wondering if I could have your permission to use this picture for one of the background images. The book is a free e-book so I won't be making any profits off of the video either but I would, of course, give full credit. Thanks so much, I love your picture! Coleen Liebsch
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the great eye of mordor
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Ah the Evil Eye..
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cheshiremmwHobbyist Artist
so cool and awsome!
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I love this piece. Absolutely amazing! I sent you a note.
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I sent you a message to notes. I love this piece though. Absolutely amazing!!!!!!!
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so fucking awesome
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Queenstormwolf15Hobbyist Traditional Artist
awesome eye
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Big Depeche Mode fan and did a theme based on their song "World In My Eyes" using this beautiful wall for my back drop. Credit given here for you! [link]
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Dawn-Of-RebellionHobbyist Photographer
I just noticed I used this image for a Yu-Gi-Oh created card of mine.Can I still keep it in my Gallery, or should I delete it?
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you are not allowed to sell this design in any for or way. You may only keep it for noncomercial artbusiness :)
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Dawn-Of-RebellionHobbyist Photographer
Thanks.I never put up Prints anyway, so it shouldn't be a Problem.
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had this as my background for 5 years! i cant describe how awesome this is!
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That's a very long time and I appreciate your dedication to this deviation of mine very much. Thank you :thanks:
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mushroomGOD121Professional Digital Artist
This is wonderful, a more sophisticated demon maybe :)
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i wold love to have that eye
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tkel404Student General Artist
Soul-reaping eye much? :D
Gosh I love it!
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