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Fex and Flip, longtime buddies from two different backgrounds. 
Fex from a wealthy side and Flip from the poor, family abussive side.
Neither won't to go back to their homes let alone shed light on its history.
17 years of age, Flip came up with the idea to run away, start a new life and Fex so joined him.
Almost 1 year later Fex and Flip formed what is now known as Team Shadow Gauntlet.
Inexperienced and low on cash, it'll be anything but easy for the two in the coming times...

Now things have gotten even worse with the team in the bad books with their guild masters and harder again with Fex unfortunately losing his right arm through their Into the Sands mission. They have no choice but to continue for turning back isn't an option.

ditto Meme:…

Hybrid Meme:…

Stage Show Meme:…

Air Guitar Meme:…

Mug Shot Meme:…

Move Exhibition Meme, Fex:

Move Exhibition Meme, Flip:

Balanced Meme:

June Task:

Gang Busters:

Flippin' Carts:

Cart Racers:…

Frosty Festivities:…

The Basalt Halls:…

Shadow Chapters:…

Into the Sands:…

Update: 7-6-17
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