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The Galvatron Variations

By Trecathlus
With the revision of individual GALVATRON avatars comes the updated compilation image, which I decided to give a more enjoyable, more collectible appearance.


Regular Colours
Slightly variable throughout the series, depending on the ability of the different animation houses (predominantly TOEI and AKOM) to match the colour key. (Multiple episodes)

Creation Grid
The final stage of MEGATRON's reformation into GALVATRON. (THE TRANSFORMERS - THE MOVIE)

Cockpit Glass Tint
When viewed through the red cockpit glass of lieutenant CYCLONUS, GALVATRON's colour scheme becomes red as well. (THE TRANSFORMERS - THE MOVIE)

Mental Instability
On occasion, sparks would emerge from GALVATRON's cranial covering to indicate the damage incurred no doubt both from UNICRON's mental control and the embrittling effects of submersion in lava on his metaprocessor. (Multiple episodes)

Mirage Sequence
An interactive holographic representation of GALVATRON, utilized by a Quintesson scientist to lure CYCLONUS into captivity. (THE KILLING JAR)

Ambush Damage
The result of an altercation with close to a dozen Autobots -- lured into a trap by STARSCREAM's ghost and OCTANE. (STARSCREAM'S GHOST)

Life Force Depleted
Drained of his vigour by TORNEDRON, the energy being and successor to UNICRON as devised by PRIMACRON. (CALL OF THE PRIMITIVES)

Hate Plague Infection
Having avoided contamination longer than most, GALVATRON is finally infected by JESSICA MORGAN. (THE RETURN OF OPTIMUS PRIME - PART 2)
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Soundwave364674's avatar
I thought it was just the lava bath the made Galvatron insane, not Unicron's control as well. Well, that's my opinion anyway, I mean no offense.
Trecathlus's avatar
Oh, none taken. :-) To feel differently about something or disagree is always okay. What matters 
almost more than the point one is making, I think, is the way a person voices it.

I can't point right now to any canonical evidence that his madness was a result of the combined 
effects, but it's a perception I've held for about two decades. At its simplest, I feel that the lava 
somehow is not quite enough to account for the severity of his mental deficiency.

But you're probably correct, because I do believe the only explicit statement about his condition
was made in WEBWORLD.

Guess I just find the combined thing a bit more dramatic. :-)
Soundwave364674's avatar
"To feel differently about something or disagree is always okay. What matters 
almost more than the point one is making, I think, is the way a person voices it."
That is very true, as I seen many times how someone can disagree with other people's opinions and immaturely disrespect them, which often causes bad arguments on the internet. When really, it's best that people should agree to disagree if they can't agree on something. I'd like to think that I am now more mature and smarter than some other people on the internet can be. But, unfortunately, I have also said some pretty stupid things on the internet in the past, that I still regret to this day. :(

That's fine. What really caused Galvatron's madness could be quite ambiguous. Personally, I just took Webworld's statement in account.
MDTartist83's avatar
Nice job, man. I love these.
Trecathlus's avatar
Thank you! I appreciate the good word. :-)
David31's avatar
You certanly like ol' sandcastle head don't you. :D
Trecathlus's avatar
I don't know that I'd say "like" when it comes to him as an icon, but I'll be damned if I'm going to be bested by a bunch of pixels. ;-)
David31's avatar
Well these icons certanly look awsome. :)
Trecathlus's avatar
They ain't too bad, even if I do say so myself. :-)

David31's avatar
You're welcome. Well you designed each one brilliantily.
JP-V's avatar
You'd have to have a really agression approach to Galvatron no matter what, because he is pure madness!
These all are nicely made.
Especially the "Ambush Damage" one that really makes Galvatron mangled.
Trecathlus's avatar
Galvatron is definitely all over the place!

Thanks. :-)
JP-V's avatar
No problem Rik ^_^V
veronicafan's avatar
The Hate plague one could be recolored and called "Galvatron Bashing His Troops." :rofl:
Trecathlus's avatar
In what way would you recolour it?
veronicafan's avatar
Like a normal galvatron.
Trecathlus's avatar
I could certainly do a normally-coloured Galvatron with his Hate Plague expression, but I think perhaps a bit too much is made of his insanity. He did, in time, get somewhat saner. :-)
veronicafan's avatar
All you have to remember is this...

Galvatron:First you two let Scourge and Starscream steal one of Trypticons eyes, and then you let them use Astrotrain as their escape vehicle. So Scourge is helping Starscream voluntarily, and you two did nothing to stop him. Well all I can say is...BWAAAGH!(Fires Fusion Cannon)
Soundwave364674's avatar
Yeah, love that hilarious scene. It was from Ghost in the Machine, one of the best Season 3 episodes, IMO.
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