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How do you turn this on

Anyone remember this cheat? 
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Wololo!!! <3
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So, you are fighting a heavily defended enemy city and you think your military is not enough.

What can i do to break through the city, hmm?

I know, how about summoning 1000 Cobra cars and have them surround the city in all directions so they can bombard everything with machine gun bullets until they reach the city center.

It works everytime and that's how defeated every fortified areas from every civilizations.
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This is awesome how the cheat car is so out of place near the Knights, but is true to game play with cheating.
I wander why I've not seen artistic tribute to this earlier.
You should see Spirt of the Law on YouTube if you like hearing about Age of Empire 2 gameplay.
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The most unbeatable unit in the entire game. A handful could slaughter an entire army.
I'm surprised no one has mentioned 'Drive me closer so I can hit them with my sword'…
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They don't make game cheats like they used to. Oh the memories.

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They even don't make games like that
Ohh the memories.
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Excellent image. Of course I was an age of empire 1 player so for me it was a black camaro leading the charge. 
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Ah, the "bigdaddy" cheat... Reminds me of the monster truck cheat (tuck tuck tuck) on AOE III. Now AOE ROR cheat of "photon man" and "e=mc2trooper" were interesting, but the "wolowolo" and "convertthis" were superb!

On a side note though: only use "wolowolo" after you research the tech that doubles your priest's hit points. If you use it before then, your priest will have 600 hp, but if you use it after, it raises to 1200. Best to use this on Egyptian and Babylonian priests. Egyptian priests have 13 range, but the Babylonian priests have +30% faster faith rejuvenation.
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wololo my friend
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Thanks Kronosx2008, I stand corrected! Lol...
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featured on the aoe page on facebook GG dude GG
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I use that cheat plenty of times XD
congratulations excellent job!!!
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Hell yeah, baby! I used these guys all the time :D
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Ha! I love this picture! I use the Cobra to get rid of pesky wolves and jaguars! A Cobra can wipe out an entire enemy! :D AoE2 is classic, which I still play occasionally.
0 AD reused the code to spawn P-51/F-51 Mustangs.
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