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Bele ahegao smile

By Trebuxet
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Sketching ahegao smile

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here come the simps of deviantart

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She is supercute 🥰

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Super adorable.

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Ragnar...........Get my axe 
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she got arrested

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Yup, by selling her bathwater.
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No. She arrested because of vandalizing someone's car.

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And then she came back and make a xi6nine music and the simps went crazy.
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I'm not really updated about her news, I just know her because I heard a news about a girl who sells her bathwater.

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The face on the right, the face you make when people will actually buy water because you sat in it.
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I have never had a problem with her, but a few chuckle freaks on youtube paid her from her donate button and she made them a very funny video "which is what they asked for" in return. I thot she was just a hoe but it turns out she is self confident and has a since of humor, I have a bit of respect for her since then. She would have never gardened all this hate if she would not have gotten so popular she out stepped her niche and people get jelly, I thinks.

The art is great very much her, wish i drew that well.
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Totally agreed. I love her sense of humor.
Glad you like this picture :D
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Very meme worthy. You've captured the essence of the character wonderfully.
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Absolutely cant stand her already. But love your work though. Fav
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Love that Ahegao face...
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I am both annoyed and impressed by the quality of your work. So, yeah, rather conflicted there.
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Awesome work showing the variation in facial expressions!
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Gran trabajo!
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