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District 3 Seal



A Little .eps I whipped up in anticipation of the movie. Manually traced from posters and screenshots.

The Preview is a High-res JPEG to be used by those who don't know how to open .eps.

I don't own this symbol, and ALL rights go to Lionsgate, Suzanne Collins, Scholastic, President Snow, etc.
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Tis' my own idea of another dystopian society, not Suzanne Collins'. Amen.

Selectory Twenty-Three is the best when it comes to advanced technology. It came pretty hand when I tested out a bunch of new inventions that would make the cell phone so 2018. They made remotes that could control anything that connects to the internet, thanks to Twenty-Five, TV's that you can actually make feel like you're in the program, because you are there, and even conveyer belts with futuristic roller coaster cars that you can play with all day! I was more than fascinated with what new stuff was coming by. 
I'm so excited to be the new head of the TechCo. Inc. power plant!