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Yes, I know, I'm following the trend :)

So if you wanna watch how I do stuff, don't hesitate to come here: LINK
Even if I'm not Live, you can always rewatch the previous ones.
I have a microphone, but I usually don't speak (but i could start if needed lol) and I stream some tunes while working.

I'll be streaming later today! I'll post here when it starts!

See ya all! 
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Yeah, I've finally subscribed to DeviantArt! ^^ Lot of cool new features I must say!:p

Anyway, i'm planning on buying a scanner really soon so you should see some new and better "Digital deviation".

I'm going for a CanoScan Lide 90, not too expensive and the few reviews i read are good, so...!


AudioSurf! a really cool game, playing with the music you got on your computer, A mix between a racing, puzzle and musical game. You can get it for really cheap on steam or the official website(where there is a free demo)
It's an addictive game. Really good if you have 10min to lose.

I suggest that you get EveryDay Shooter as well!
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  • Reading: The two towers, half done
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  • Drinking: Water, as always! :p
Hi, fellow readers(if i got some?)
Just wanted to talk about the kungfu club I'm proud to be part of in my Uni:p

Today was a really good session, a lot of boxing, my arms are exhausted xD, can barely move my mouse. Loads of punching exercises and press-ups as well ( >_> i hate ). That the great thing about the teaching, it's we learn a lot of different styles/techniques from other martial arts. It's not a proper traditional shaolin kungfu, even if we do learn some proper trad stuff.

Anyway people you got to watch this!…
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  • Drinking: Water, as always! :p
Yeah it was my christmas gift I did to myself, a brand new laptop!

A nice deal with DELL^^.(10% off + 100€ discount)

Here are the technical aspects!
Inspiron 1720
- Screen: 17" extra wide TrueLife(better colors and contrast), Full HD reso: 1920*1200
- Core 2 Duo, 2.00GHz
- 2GB of DDR2 667.
- 320GB of disk space(2*160), sadly I had to replace recently the main one(OS& programs) so I changed it for a faster one(7200rpm instead of 5400)
- 5 USB2 port(that's cool:p, can plug all my stuff at the same time)
- Wifi & Bluetooth
- 8600M GT 256Mb+shared RAM
- Integrated Webcam/microphone
- Sadly I didn't took a BluRay/or HDDVD Drive..., was too expensive.

- Color = Alpin White
I replaced Vista by XP Pro:p

Really happy of it, ^^ appreciate the Num Pad, it's a lot better;  Can play some recent games(finished crysis in january:p, now playing sometimes UT3)

But it's a lot faster for my 3D renders xD, productivity Improved!


Complete different subject, my housemate have bought the new Ipod touch xD.. damn i wish i had some money to spend on that crazy gadget... xD can't even think of the iPhone(even if it's not a really usefull without 3G(yes it's only GPRS) on it)


I've also finally discovered the addiction of MMORPGs, with EvE online, after playing a lot of fantasy MMO's... It's really good ! Nice features that others don't offer... anyway, it's an MMO... which can or not suck out your social life, as ^^ you character still evolve without being online!
No XP system or levelling system! So don't have to spend hours on fighting to reach a lvl. It's all about skilll training!

My character is AenS if you want to join in this huge SciFi universe!
Hi, I just watched some of my old drawings..(I added some of them in the Scrap Gallery).

I'm glad I've progressed... but I still have a long way to go xD.

I'll add some of my 3D work, to fill a bit my gallery lol.

See you soon!
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  • Watching: Heroes s2, Pushing Daisies, and Reaper!
  • Playing: Hum Just Started Suikoden 5.^^ quite nice
  • Eating: I cooked some carbonara for me and my friend.
  • Drinking: Water, as always! :p
yeah !
2nd year in Boro!

pfiuu wasn't really active this summer. but i hope it'll change.
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Hello every one, welcome on my english blog !!
Here I`ll post my works (from the University or not).

Please feel free to let comments, criticals or whatever.

See you !!!
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  • Drinking: NO Drink in classroom ( v_v ... )