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Mage female sculpt wip 05 by trebor777 Mage female sculpt wip 05 by trebor777
Fixed the knee area.
Did the new hair :)

And for the moment not sure about the leggings. (just a mask for the moment)
MrGraze Featured By Owner May 29, 2011
Hey man, overall its looking ok. Its a good start but you can definatly push this further. Here are some of the major things i can see:

Her face doesnt look feminine enough and isnt very pretty. everyone has fat and muscle under there jawline but yours doesnt have a nice falloff into the neck, it looks super anime style.
Her Arms dont look right to me, the shape of the bicep and forarm arn't correct, they look like cylinders tapered in on the elbow. also there is too much muscle definition. Where the boobside goes into the shoulder it doesnt have a nice enough curve in there, its a little off.
Her torso is too defined and not sexy enough, and it doesnt have the correct anatomy for that region.
Her hips need to be wider because atm her bottom region isnt sexy enough. maybe give her some french knickers because the ones shes got look saggy.
The cloth looks like youve not really thought about how it draps, there are no tension areas, no sense of weight, its looks too stiff, you rushed into the detail too fast without having good foundations.
Anatomy on the legs looks off, top of the thigh is thicker than the region just above the knee.
The shape of the feet are not right either, they look like sock puppets, they dont look like they have feet in them.
Her shin is curved out then in, but the skin is very straight but just has a subtle curve to it.

I wont lie but what youve got is ok, i think spending some more time studying and not rushing into things will help a great deal. I think you should definatly study anatomy more indepth, do some head sculpts, torso sculpts, really try focus more on it and then try a character. Also do alot of cloth studys, ive got some tutorials i can give you to help you out if youd like. Keep it up man cos everytime you do something you get alot better, ive seen real progress with your work from a year ago so keep it up :)
trebor777 Featured By Owner May 29, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Thx Dude:) I appreciate a lot the feedback !
It's not the latest version though, check on and you'll find her :)
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October 18, 2010
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