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VC 24. Speculation

"You know what your problem is, Severus? You don't know anything about love. That's your problem."

"Yes, my lord. *Sigh*"

A follow-up to this one. This sub-subplot is far from over!
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Don't make my Severus upset :D

"My every memory is spotter with tears" Oh :(
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He is a pretty sad Sevvy.
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I felt sorry but couldn't help laughing. Very funny and touching :)
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Voldy is oh my gods! He has an crush on Bellatrix!
D'aww Severus..*hugs him* STFU Voldy!
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XD Ymanage to keep people in-character and yet... sitcom drama-type at the same time.
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Haha, I'm not sure he can.
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Bellatrix is MARRIED?! Which book was that in?!
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I think it's mentioned when she's first mentioned as a character. She's married to Rodolphus Lestrange - that's why her last name is Lestrange. She, Narcissa, and Andromeda (Tonks' mom) all originally had the last name Black. There's some stuff about it here.

(But yeah, what could possibly possess someone to marry Bellatrix? =p )
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"My every memory is spotted with tears" -- bwa ha ha!
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Yeah, poor Sev. I figure all the good ones involve Lily, and those are now all tinged with regret, so he's kind of screwed, memory-wise. I'm kind of surprised he can produce a Patronus at all.
Lynsey1985's avatar
Cute little Severus in panel 3 and 'My every memory is spotted with tears' made my night. I couldn't stop giggling. Poor Severus, lol! Xxx
Treacle-Miner's avatar
Thanks! :D Haha, I need to arrange my panels so that I can do little characters in the background more often - that was fun. And yeah, poor Snape . . .
Inklingirl16's avatar
"I SUGGEST YOU SPECULATE!!!!!" This is hilarious XD As always.
crazyfangirl4eva's avatar
-Pats Serverus's back- Poor guy, I'd hate to be in his shoes
Treacle-Miner's avatar
Good thing the rest of his life is so awesome to make up for it! Oh . . . wait . . .
Homssuinen's avatar
Cute Voldemort but poooooor Sev! :D
Treacle-Miner's avatar
Thanks! And yeah, even under these strange circumstances, Snape still can't catch a break.
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