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The Hobbit, Part Two: Shirelock

And now, for something completely different - my prediction for the second Hobbit movie. How great is it that Benedict Cummerbatch is voicing Smaug? Opposite Martin Freeman! :D

Aaand, finally got a new tablet!
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mondays-dusk-noon's avatar
NOW I GET IT.....i still haven't the movie though but I'm reading the book~! ehehehe...XD

Have you read the book yet, Treacle? :meow:
Treacle-Miner's avatar
The Hobbit? Yeah, I read it awhile ago. Do you like it so far?
mondays-dusk-noon's avatar
I'm up to the bit where Bilbo and Thorin+company is trapped in Smaug's hallway...and their kinda getting frustrated now...LOL...yeah, I Love it~! <3
LiessaSaschura's avatar
:D OMG, this is so awesome xDD
All I can think of everytime I see Smaug is Benedict's voice xDD
And Bilbo is Watson^^
So looking forward to the nest part of "the Hobbit" *-*
And the third season of sherlock, should it ever air <_<
Treacle-Miner's avatar
Me too, on both counts! =D
LiessaSaschura's avatar
But then again, who doesn't? :D
Morncreek's avatar
*laughs until red in the face* I don't think I'll be able to watch the second part of The Hobbit with a straight face now. I didn't know Cumberbatch voices Smaug. Oh, the meta humor that will start flooding dA when the next half comes out. <3
Treacle-Miner's avatar
Haha, yes, this is but an early trickle of what will surely be a deluge.
NeriSiren's avatar
BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! :clap: And yes, if I have to wait perhaps another year for season 3, at least I still get something with Cumberbatch and Freeman together in the meantime =D
TinaE-Huttu's avatar
Sthis is really good!!! And fun idea <3<3<3
Artimus-Fowl's avatar
Bit not good.

That's beautiful.
mondays-dusk-noon's avatar
I havent watched the HOBBIT yet...:( NOOOOOOOOOOO! but WOW! You havent drawn much 4 a long time! anyway, does legolas come out in the hobbit?
Treacle-Miner's avatar
He doesn't appear in the first movie, but I've heard he'll show up at some point in one or both of the other two.

And yeah, now that I have a new tablet, I'm hoping to do some more VC soon!
mondays-dusk-noon's avatar
YAYYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! :iconbummy1::iconbummy2::iconbummy3:
13Crowley13's avatar
Not good? :rofl:
I love that they cast them both! So much fan fodder. =D
Treacle-Miner's avatar
I know! I'm totally going to be looking for it in the movie, every time they interact.
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