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Diana Wynne Jones has been my favorite author - and Howl's Moving Castle my favorite book - since I was eight. Since she passed away last month, tributes have appeared all over the Internet. It's wonderful to see the love people have for her and her work. I'm glad there's such an amazing community built around DWJ and her fabulous writing.

[Characters from Howl's Moving Castle, The Spellcoats, the Chrestomanci series, Dogsbody, and Archer's Goon. Some spoilers in picture explanation: That's Calcifer seen from the back, hence the extra blurriness of his face; Millie's right Goddess-arm is waving a handkerchief; Archer and Fifi are in the spaceship.]
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She was always fun to read, and I confess, for a romance, Howls Moving Castle was freakin awesome! I read it so many times. I also loved when it was turned into an anime, because it was sufficiently different that when you noticed some things missing from the book, it wasn't so glaringly a hole in the story.
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Yeah; personally, I'd kind of hoped the movie would stick absurdly close to the book a la the BBC Pride and Prejudice, because to me Howl's Moving Castle is perfectly perfect the way it is, but I'm glad that (I think) the movie got a lot more people to read her books.
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I take it the wonderful Ms Jones is the bright light up ahead? Everyone misses her, you know, but whenever I read one of her books, I forcefully ave to remind myself that she's gone, only she isn't really, so long as those publishers keep her books around.
Did I mention, this is really beautiful. It really shows the magic she wrote and inspired in her books. Beautiful tribute, bravo.
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Thank you so much. Yes, a shooting star was the best way I could come up with to represent the wonder and brightness she put into the world. Glad you like it.
Aww, this is great!
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This is a beautiful tribute. Thanks for sharing it. DWJ has long been one of my favorite authors of all time; I was very sad to hear of her death, and am still working on a tribute of my own. I love this; it's so full of love and awe. I particularly like Howl and Chrestomanci's outlandish clothing, and Millie waving her goddess arm. This picture nearly made me cry!
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Thank you. I'm so glad you like it. Let me know when you get yours posted - I'd love to see it.
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Hi -- since you asked, I'm posting my Chrestomanci painting today. It's been my pastime of the last week or so, trying to make something lovely in tribute to DWJ.
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