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UPDATED 21 May 2015: Welcome!

The TRDL R3 Weekly Jam here on dA's particulars:
- The jams are announced at the beginning of each month
- There are Character or Theme Jams
- Subjects are completely open to artist interpretation: do a drawing from canon, or redesign at will!
- All jams REMAIN OPEN INDEFINITELY; you can populate older jams with new work at any time.
- You can submit 3 character or theme subjects to and the suggestions will go in the pot.

The Process:
You can either submit your art to your own gallery and then add it to our group from there, or submit directly to :icontrdl-r3-weeklyjam: but go ahead and just drop the art into the Featured folder. I'll copy it into the Weekly Jam folder in question for you. I will leave a copy in Featured for about a month, and then replenish. SO the art will always be in a Weekly Jam folder, and will be in Featured for the first month, more or less.

And don't forget to offer jam character or theme requests, either to me privately here on DA or on the R3 Forum:

NEW: A spreadsheet of all R3 Challenge threads to date can be found here:
Look for the character you want to add and you may find an existing challenge to use...

Gallery Folders

Cpt. Steve Rogers, c. 1942 by ArteDigitalSA
R3NierC by TULIO19mx
R3NebulaC by TULIO19mx
R3DeadpoolSwordsC2 by TULIO19mx
TRDL Universe Fanart
TRDL Lyge by ArtDewd
GladiatrixC2 by TULIO19mx
TRDL OC fan art swap by wolfprime
TRDLGilaC1 by TULIO19mx
Archived Jams
Inktober Part 01 - 2013 by TRDLcomics
Practice - Scarlet Witch by ChenGM
Sketchcard: Ahsoka Tano 2 by Everwho
The Force Awakens by Jeetdoh
2017 13-16 DC Heroes Villains GOG Wonder Wom
Super-man Justice League animated style by bat123spider
Batman Of The Future by bat123spider
JL Movie Aquaman by Alexbadass
Updated Dawn of Justice Aquaman JLU Style by Alexbadass
2017 17-20 Spider-Man
Gwenom by multificionado
Spider-Man Swings Again by multificionado
Who's Gwen? by multificionado
Go Get 'Em, Tiger by multificionado
2017 13-16 Kusanage Faeries Doc Ock Ikari
Major Kusanagi - Ghost in the Shell by EddieHolly
Ghost in the Shell: Motoko Kusanagi and Tachikoma by vf02ss
Ghost in the Shell: Motoko Kusanagi in lingerie by vf02ss
Ghost in the Shell by pungang
2017 09-12 Weapons

Mature Content

female thor and warhammer ! :D by Selkirk
WSCWarHammer by TULIO19mx
TRDL 2017 Series No. 14 - Black Widow Redesign by TRDLcomics
TRDL 2017 Series No. 13 - Harley Quinn Derby by TRDLcomics
2017 08 Katana
Trdl1712 Katanaz by TRDLcomics
Katana by pungang
DSC Katana by TULIO19mx
R3Katana by TULIO19mx
2017 07 Moana
DACPropC1 by TULIO19mx
R3Moana by TULIO19mx
Trdl1711 Moanaz by TRDLcomics
2017 06 Enchantress
Enchantress by vf02ss
Enchantress by TULIO19mx
Enchantress 2 by TULIO19mx
Enchantress again by TULIO19mx
2017 05 Starfire
Starfire  by pmsuyom
2017 04 Flash Redesign
Female Flash by ADMDArt
2017 03 Captain America Redesign
Trdl1706 Capfemz by TRDLcomics
2017 02 Wolverine - X-23
Rockabilly X-23 by vf02ss
2017 01 Sorcerers and Magic
Lo Pan Black Magician by Tom Kelly by TomKellyART
2016 31 Holidays
Christmas by VirginieSiveton
2016 30 Krampus
Krampus Night by Piddies0709
2016 29 Vlad Fiks Memorial Jam
Rogue One K-2SO by Tom Kelly by TomKellyART
2016 28 Red Hood
Trdl1707 Redhoodz by TRDLcomics
Trdl2016inktober 07mysterio by TRDLcomics
2016 27 Moon Knight
Moon Knight  by pichapop
2016 26 Halloween
Bride Of Frankenstein by BevisMusson
2016 25 Anti-Heroes
Sob by ZachSatherArt
2016 24 Daredevil Villains
Trdl2016inktober 06coyote by TRDLcomics
2016 23 Deathstroke
Deadshot Wip by FUHRER9000
2016 22 Cassandra Cain
Black Bat ink by AaronNSN
2016 21 Change One Thing
Trdl1617 Raven Teen Titans Redesign by TRDLcomics
2016 20 Teen Titans
Superboy + Miss Martian by AdamWithers
2016 19 Nation-Shifted Supers
TRDL 2016 Series 19 New Superman and Wonder Woman by TRDLcomics
2016 18 Gender-Swapped Supers
Trdl1618 Hawkeye Redesign by TRDLcomics
2016 17 Psylocke
Psylock by ADMDArt
2016 16 MJ in Costume
TRDL 2016 Series 14 - MJ Watson as Captain America by TRDLcomics
2016 15 X-men Apocalypse
Quicksilver -Avengers by Sandy-reaper
2016 14 HYDRA Cap
R3captainHydra by TULIO19mx
2016 13 Preacher
Test Dominic Cooper Preacher by KuroStars
2016 11 Daredevil S02
Daredevil Redesign by OperationCornDog
2016 09 Batman B v S
Batfleck by phil-cho
2016 08 Superman B v S
Superman vs Batman by Kid-Destructo
2016 07 Cthulhu
Death Metal Cthulhu by ahannibalbarca
2016 06 Ash
Ash vs Evil Dead by rsienicki
2016 06 Deadpool
Deadpool by ADMDArt
2016 05 Luke Cage
luke cage #1 by m7781
2016 04 Kylo Ren
Inktober: Kylo Ren by north-green
2016 03 Finn
John Boyega by PowermadMistress
2016 02 Rey
''This Lightsaber Belongs To Me'' by geosis093
2019 August


This month you are challenged to draw:

1.- Scorpia from She Ra and the Princesses of Power:

2.- Kriptonians, any character or character:

3.- Knockout, a redhead supervillianess in the DC Universe and girlfriend of Scandal Savage.

4.- Kipo from Netflix's Kipo and the age of the wonderbeasts:

Have fun! Wash your hands! Be safe!  And remember you can post your work to this TRDL Art Jam Group, and/or Instagram, and/or deviantArt. Make sure and tag it #trdljam and #trdlartjam for easy discovery! Share amongst your peers! Also you can check our facebook page:… and join if you feel like it!!
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whoa! thanks a lot for featuring my artwork, that's an honor for me! ^^
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Thanks for requesting my piece. First time ever. Sorry for the delayed response. 
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June subjects?
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Thanks for requesting my work!  I have been doing :icondailysketchchallenge: for quite sometime and looking forward to partaking in the weekly jam topics here.  Just wondering if there is a time limit on topic?
TRDLcomics Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2016  Professional Interface Designer
no time limits. every subject remains open indefinitely, AND you can submit new or existing works at will! Just drop them into the Featured folder, and if it gets dicey, just shoot me a note with the destination jams for different pics to help me sort them. 
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