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Mera and Jace are forced to return to Dathomir where they must heal from the wounds of their past and look to their future...

Hi all! First off a fair warning, there is a birth scene in this chapter. If you're squeamish about it I've indicated where it starts and ends, though it's nothing too graphic. 

Anyway, that aside here is the third and final instalment of Mera and Jace! When I started this 'snapshots' project back in, oh, August I intended for everything to be in one neat story. Five months and three parts later here we are! Now Mera and Jace is not quite done as, well, DeviantArt has an 8000-word limit to any submission. So yes there will be a final 1000 word epilogue in the next few days that will wrap this series up in a nice bow! 

Special thanks again to Valyrian-Wildfire626 for allowing me to flesh these two out! They've become some of my favourites to write for and the free reign he gave me really helped me in helping to define these two! 

As always I would really invite you to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments down below! Much as I love getting those favourite nods I love it, even more, when I hear from you guys! After the Epilogue, we'll be seeing us some more Mhisha and Nikal love!

Stay safe and happy folks!


Mera and Jace Part 1: Republic (First)

Mera and Jace Part 2: Empire (Previous) 

Mera and Jace Epilogue: Reunion (Next)

For pictures of Mera and Jace and everything else check out Bare-Sqaudron
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Not going to lie about this, the minor description of Jace & Mera fornicating as well as the part where the latter goes into labor are both kind of hot along with being slightly humorous