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Mera revisits her past in search of answers for the future...

Howdy all! Now this is the original ending of Part 3! As I mentioned previously though word limits are a thing and I like going over them! :) Once again I'd like to thank everyone who has taken the time to read this crazy side story! It started out as a small idea and grew into one of my more popular series! I'm happy to have completed it and I hope you all enjoyed the amount of hints, callbacks and set up thats gone into these! I like to think I weave a real web between BS and the companion pieces. 

Anyway thank you again to everyone who favourites and comments which I strongly encourage you all to do on this piece! Your feedback means a lot!

Thanks again to Valyrian-Wildfire626 for allowing me to flesh Mera and Jace out! It's been a pleasure and a lot of fun! I got to do things with this story I couldn't do in the main BS Story. 

Once again thank you all, I hope you enjoyed the show and stay safe and happy!



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I don't know much about Dathomirian physiology & it wasn't mentioned but if it's anything similar to humans, I believe that Mera did milk her bodacious boobs at least once in 5 days during her journey otherwise Rayvar needs to switch to the milk of the mammalian creatures of Dathomir which Jace has no access to for his son although the only downside is that she'll be wasting her precious breastmilk