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Monster Girl Challenge: Slime

By TravJames
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Monster Girl #3, Slime girl, complete!

So.. this was a bit awkward because we all know slime girls are fetish fuel. So automatically my goal was to make her as un-sexy as possible. Since a slime’s basically just a giant amoeba, she’s got no eyes or real features save for what’s left of her last victim.

Color palette used provided by the awesome Chromaa.

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Amazing combo of the bones inside the slime, loving the slime as well, good job!
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This is awesome.  Makes me think of the kandra in the Mistborn books.
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I think she's attractive. But I'm weird like that.
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This is fantastic, particularly how it is not overtly sexualized. I've got a creature/character exactly like this in a story. A formless shapeshifter who can't create bones for a frame so she assumes different identities by using other peoples skeletons, changing them like cloths to become those people. This would be mid-change when her natural state is visible, even the color of her substance is right. I could commission you for one of those character drawings people get and this is what you would draw. It was haunting to happen upon it by chance. Well done. (FYI, I downloaded a copy to use for one of my desktop slideshow images if you don't mind.)
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that thing is horribly disgusting.....yet I cant look away from it 0_0  thats a very good design you've made :3  good job
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So dang cool.  And original.  :beer:
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definately not sexy, but cool and creative. I like it. Good job, mate
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that's a VERY creative slime. so cool. maybe it was once a woman , who got like, eaten by slime or so x.x  
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this looks incredible!
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that's actually pretty cool
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This is so cool! I wish I had thought of drawing a slime girl with a partial skeleton on the inside, nice effect! I really like it!
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Got a question, would you take a commission to draw an OC slime girl?
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wonderful work, kinda reminds me of the slime at darkest dungeon with the human bones and all.
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She is so beautiful wow
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She's beautiful! :lovesquee: 
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i know you like monster girls, especially the cool gross ones Kowantu 
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thank you for this
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do you want me to find you some more
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