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I made this for use as a Studio folder, where I keep all my audio projects from GarageBand, Logic, ProTools, whatever.. even After Effects. Okay, so anything that is a media related project I guess.

I embossed the guitar on there as close to Apple's style as I could. After my first version, I noticed that it looked really bland and actually pretty stupid at anything smaller than 256. That's when I added the details inside the guitar like the strings, the knobs, etc. This adds a lot more depth and character at smaller sizes and looks wicked awesome at 512.

The easiest and best way to apply this is with CandyBar.

1. Drag the .ICNS file into your CandyBar icons library.
2. Click on the icon within CandyBar. It should appear on the bottom left for "Quick Drop"
3. Drag whatever you want to change the icon for onto the "Quick Drop" panel in CandyBar.
4. andboomthatsit.


Some credit should go to ~simphax because I used his Photoshop template as the basis of this work. Some credit should also go to Apple for their original folder icon and their GarageBand icon (which I chopped and screwed for this).

Please don't steal my work. Sure, it's flattering. But it still makes me sad at night.

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