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I thought I mentioned this already, but apparently I did not. Apologies. My current dA gallery is :iconretl:.
I won't remove anything from this gallery, but I will probably not be adding to it, either.

New gallery contains more ponies and more balloons.
I'm still alive and around here on dA guys, even though I haven't been posting much here lately. That hasn't been stopping me from adding things to my favorites / collecting them and all. The fact of the matter is that I'm a little confused as to what kind of content I should be posting in this gallery. Is there any particular kind of art that I do that you want to see here? Should I just post everything I draw? If you guys have an idea of where I should take my deviantArt gallery in particular, I'll welcome the suggestion and probably implement some changes here and there. I'm asking because I'm quite sure a lot of you aren't going to want to go to an entirely different site just to keep up with one hobbyist's work.

Part of the reason I've not been posting like I used to is because I have my own site gallery now and I post all of my art to it instead. I update my Livejournal every week with info on what I've drawn lately. I post about it on Twitter. Most of what I've been cranking out lately is silly, rough doodles of BALLOONS EVERYWHERE drawings, and not a whole lot else except when I'm doing giftarts, collabs, or trades with others. So I think if you really want to keep up with what I'm drawing lately, checking any of those links would be the quickest way to see what I've done.
If you follow my Twitter or FB, you know I've already been to and come back from KajiCon! Had a blast there! Human Inuyasha, Prinny Rights Squad, a Brawl tournament, DEFEND NEO CARDBOARD TOKYO!, a brief primer/intro to Japanese, and more! And I met some people I knew from GSW and high school that I didn't think I'd ever see again since moving. It was a great time and totally worth the 4 hour trek there. Always nice to play Brawl with new people!

For the time being, I'm staying with my Bro, so I won't be adding any art to Windstone or my other galleries today or until I get back to my own home, but I've gotta get some paperwork taken care of before I leave anywhere. Trying to get into a new college so I can finish up and get my degree, and look for a job to pay back loans.

Then I'll look for an animation school afterwards. It might be right after I graduate. It might be years later after I finally pay off that loan. But I'm going to get some formal training on that at some point. That's a personal goal.
It starts in hardly 3 hours and I'm freaking out without an idea of what I'm about to get myself into. Sure, there's a panel list, it's small and free entry, so I don't think it's going to be crazyinsanestrange or anything. But I don't think anything's going to aleviate this anticipation I've got. Hoping for the best.

Going with friends if everything works out. But if they don't go, I won't go.

Anyone heard of KajiCon or been to it before? I'm just now hearing of it, and from the sound of things, I'll probably be heading there with a friend this year.

It'll be my first con. I have no idea what to expect. But this Iron Artist thing has me curious.
1> I had a lot of plans for the last 6 months. Gradually, they all but collapsed. I'm currently trying to salvage the situation.

2> I had been tending to another gallery elsewhere and neglecting to update my dA gallery. I intend to experiment a bit more soon, so more work should pop up towards the later half of next month if I've got my timing right.
I'm kinda scatteredbrained and behind schedule on everything except my weekly LJ update right now, but since I'm hopping from place to place to fill in textboxes, I thought I'd put something on the art sites while I'm catching up that might be sorta interesting. :3 I have to say though, I'm not that informed on most of these issues, so don't expect like the GREATEST WISDOM LOGIC EVER here.

[01] Do you have the guts to answer these questions and re-post as The Controversial Survey?
Why not, I'm kinda curious about what's the current hot topics anyway.

[02] Would you do meth if it was legalized?
I'm not sure what Meth is. I'm pretty sure this isn't referring to Methane gas. But regardless, probably not. I'm waaaaay too cheap to be interested in drugs when I've got enough personal problems and addictions without them.

[03] Abortion: for or against it?
The one having the child should have the option to choose. Regardless of what code the operator lives by, or whatever the current culture of an area, it's a matter of life and death between children that had no choice in their existence, and the one with the child. If having the child has the potential to kill you, I see no reason why you don't have the choice to say "I can't go through with this".

[04] Do you think a country would fail with a female president?
Gender or sex aside, a politician is a politician. I don't know them, I generally don't trust them, but if they can do what they need to do, then let them do it.

[05] Do you believe in the death penalty?
Kinda, yes. Mainly for people who have the willpower and drive to keep at destructive deeds no matter what. And the thought hurts me more than you could know. To take things out of context, I have had a friend tell me that sometimes, when one consistently kills others, the only solution is to contain them or to kill them to prevent more death. I have no idea how to fairly assess the value of one's life, and I'm sure very few other humane people do. But you've seen all those stories where demons get locked up for thousands of years for killing hundreds, and then they get out of captivity regularly. Either you're going to have to go through a lot of trouble to keep mass-murderers contained (Life) or get rid of them.

I would favor the option of substituting a life in prison for all things of that magnitude, but the fact is that to human knowledge, there's a whole lot more suffering to be had while living than there is to be had while dead, short of religious faiths.

In any case, I don't have that much faith in the US legal system anyway. It works... but that's about it.

[06] Do you wish marijuana would be legalized already?
Considering how much more I've seen family members suffer over tobacco products? Why the heck not?

[07] Are you for or against premarital sex?
Against. If you're not serious enough that you'ld spend your lifetime with this person, and you're not serious enough that if something slipped leading to a child birth that you wouldn't wrap the rest of your life around, you shouldn't be doing it at all. Though, what I'm seeing now is that recreational sex is skyrocketing in the public eyes, and marriage, for the few that still do, is being touted almost exclusively as a tool to get to sex. Defeating most of the purposes I've been taught that marriage is for.

Now, premarital sexual activity that involves no amount of penetration such as mutual masturbation techniques, on the other hand. I see no reason why not just stick with those along with a huge dose of SEXUAL EDUCATION FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. Sex sounds like a great thing, but it'd help to know what the risks are to the highest extent possible.

[08] Do you believe in God?
Yes. Just as much as I believe that by writing words onto a page, I am more of less creating a world of whatever rule I desire, which is further split into more worlds as interpreted by other people. My interpretation dies with me. Other's will continue. I believe in an infinite number of looping worlds in which there is one or more Gods  and creators, but each iteration has things that it can not pass to the world it spawns.
If you're asking if I believe in there being a one single creator behind all of everything in existence beyond one layer of "reality", then I have no idea. I see no reason to disbelieve such a thing. But I think in the world I live in, there is a God who created everything in some fashion.

[09] Do you think same sex marriage should be legalized?
I've already mentioned that I don't exactly trust the US legal system, right? If two people of the same sex- or of completely different forms of life for all I care- can be shown without reasonable doubt to desire a marriage between them, then they should have the option to do so. Though, since I consider marriage to be more of a decided social status than a legal deeming of significant importance, it doesn't matter that much how the law handles it.

But that might be my lack of experienced knowledge speaking.

[10] Do you think it's wrong that so many Hispanics are illegally moving to the USA?
Define wrong. If you mean legally, then you answered that yourself.  If you mean do I think that's an invalid choice of action for their personal survival, then I wouldn't know. I'm not living their life.

[11] A twelve year old girl has a baby, should she keep it?
Only if they have a large enough supporting network to pull off the feat. It takes the village to raise one child. After the youth has made it to that point of survival, why not give it a chance to thrive rather than throw it to a hopeless situation?

[12] Should the alcohol age be lowered to eighteen?
Only if you're going to make alcohol knowledge a high school and college requirement. I'm not so much against people being allowed their drugs as long as they understand to a good extent just what they're getting into. For high school dropouts, I don't know... Maybe some kind of test they have to take to get a license to show that they are legally understanding enough of their limits and responsibilities to handle it. Either way, you're not going to stop kids from trying to get at it. Nothing's more tempting than a taboo.

[13] Should the war in Iraq be called off?
Wait, there's still a war!? FFFFFFFF

[14] Assisted suicide is illegal: do you agree?
Yes, if that means what I think it does. Not if it means that people who got pulled into the situation with know knowledge of it get punished harshly. Like a insecticide seller selling to someone who goes and offs themself with the stuff while the guy had no idea they were going to do that.
If a person is willing to kill themself, which is an action I strongly suggest people try to prevent ever making seem like an option, they should do that on their own. Or better, talk to more people about their feelings and try to find more options.
What one does with their life is largely about goals, but also 80% about what they perceive as valid options. Once someone has hit that point, it is because they see no other possible desirable outcome, but I firmly believe there's always at least one more. Things can improve by willing it through hope.

[15] Do you believe in spanking your children?
Depends on how it's done. There's a big difference between beating the F*** out of one's kids and training them what not to do. I'm sure there's other better ways to teach them what not to do, but I don't think this is an invalid point, either.

[16] Would you burn an American flag for a million dollars?
Does the flag cost a million dollars? And what is the purpose of the burning? I need more context. But very probably yes, because I could buy a new flag with some of the money and have plenty left over. It's sounds like another case of meaning VS object, like the agreed upon value of money VS the value of the actual object that is the dollar or the quarter.

[17] Who do you think would have made a better president? McCain or Obama?
I voted for Obama. They're both politicians, and therefore I don't particularly trust either of them. But Obama seemed more likely to gamble and change stuff so it's not more of the same. For better or worse, that's what I'm hoping for. Change.

[18] Are you afraid others will judge you from reading some of your answers?
Oh, of course they will. That happens any time you communicate with people. Haven't you ever carefully observed your behaviors when responding to other individuals you recognized as distinct entities? Regardless of what people judge, even potential employers, there's no off switch to who I am right now, and I very well may have changed my mind by the time I eat lunch.

1.) Post the rules
2.) Each tagged person tells 8 things about themselves.
3.) At the end tag [over nine thousand] people and put their icon in your journal.
4.) Then go to their page and [ post photos of yourself without pants].
5.) No [pants ever].

1- I am an adult male who likes cute things.
2- I started drawing with the intent to draw porn. I realized I like "PG-13" teases and worksafe playings significantly more. I intend to find another communicative goal.
3- I own tinted shades. Had them for years. I never wear them.
4- I understand and accept that I may never work for Nintendo as a developer.
5- I would like to write fictional narratives, but I feel I lack a target audience beyond myself, and writing for myself is a boring and difficult task.
6- I refer to an artistic side of myself, but I seldom call myself an artist. I call myself a musician, yet, I seldom perform for money. I consider myself a gamer, but the meaning of the term seems to have died as I grew older.
7- I prefer digital media for ease of coloring and undo features, but I hate the idea that all traces of it can be wiped instantly with no proof that anything ever took place. Often.
8- I own balloons that grow more than half my own height when inflated.
My AIM buddylist appears to be nuked and buggy. New Aim: Exclusively for IM. If you Email to my AIM, I WILL NOT READ IT.

Sorry if I'm quiet this week. What started off as a handful of tiny fffff is turning into a pile of ffFffFFFfFfFFFFfFFFFFFFFFF.
It's occurring to me that I wouldn't spend so much time beating myself up over my art's quality if I didn't care about it, and in an art oriented place like this, I'd benefit from asking around more. How can I improve my artwork from here? Would dabbling in writing narratives help?
Holy crap, there's a comment button inside of the submission stacks I see building up inside my message center.


(BTW, dabbled with 3D and got something vaguely successful for my first time. This makes me feel a lot better about myself than I thought it would. )
[Update]: I'm glad no one ran at me with like OMG YOU SHOULD DO GORE requests or anything, and I'm pretty happy about what I did get hear! :D Mostly stuff I'd like to draw anyway.
Out of roughly 150 unique watchers split between FA and DA, only 6 original requests were made, and I have 3 requests/collabs outstanding before putting out this journal.
That's roughly 4% of the amount of readers these art sites are suggesting. So I'm getting the impression that I'm either coming off as unapproachable, no-one reads journals, or a large amount of my "watchers" have been inactive for more than two weeks.

I'm not that intimidating, am I? :B I sincerely don't try to be.

I wasn't intending to draw ANY requests. I wanted to hear what people would want if I were drawing anything and everything hurled at me, though. There's only a few, all of which aren't much different from what I usually draw, though. So I figured I'd at least try. Most of them are already drawn and uploaded to 1010.50 Windstone.

I haven't done DemonStardust's request yet, nor anything sexually explicit. I plan to try those as well, but I'll need another week. The sexually explicit content will likely be isolated to Sunstone, and require a sign-in to view.

Anyone who wants to add a request now thatI've started drawing some of them is free to do so, and people I've already drawn for are free to make multiple requests. But it's unlikely I'll draw newer requests. (Unless I just really liked the request idea anyway.)

Requesting's fine. Begging will probably be ignored. If you're not totally sure on the difference, just ask nicely once. Maybe remind me later if it takes me more than a month to even make mention of it ever again or ever reply.
If I were drawing anything anyone requested in reply to this journal, what would you request? And I do mean anything. Don't worry if it's something I wouldn't like or just don't usually draw. If I were trying anything at all, what would you ask?

If what you would like to see is something you wouldn't want known publically, you can send me a note here or email me at (Do NOT email my Yahoo or MSN accounts. I will not check them!)

Yep, posting this link again. This is where I'll focus on having my images uploaded, so if you want to see the most of what I'm making, check there every once in a while.
After that, updating this site falls secondary, as I'll only really add things here that I either really like, or were requested from people I know are here, things I'm relatively sure are what people here want, or other similar cases. So if you're fine with what I've already got here and just want more of that, just stay turned.

Third is;O=D; I'll still see about having all my work backed up in this repository, but with Windstone running, I'm not as frequent with my updates there.

I do have two other Shimmie2 based imageboards running on the site at the time, but they're less about my art and more about testing things to see how they work / if they work. Sunstone and the Balloon Room. If you have experience with e621 or is a slightly more adult oriented site which has a number of pics I refuse to add over to Windstone, as well as a grabbag of whatever catches me or others's fancies. There is a image rating system for safe/questionable/explicit images, and it will block explicit images from users who don't have an account logged in on Sunstone. It can handle MP3s and things just well, so right now it's basically an unstable photobucket. It'll stay open to anon uploads for now. If I'm going to play around with the backend code and see what I can rig up, it'll be on Sunstone. is very much the same idea as Sunstone, but with an emphasis on balloons and inflatable related content. I'm not too strict, but I realize not everyone wants their work reposted. So there is a image reporting function and contact info on the site, so if there's ever anything on there that you made and you don't want being on there, contact me and I'll remove it as soon as I can. Same goes for any of my sites though. If you want something removed, just contact me. :3

I wrote all of this HOURS ago, and then my PC froze, and I thought I lost this entry. And I'm too preoccupied now to go back and edit it at the moment.. The main thing is that first part.
I've been working on a gallery for my stuff over at . I call it "1010.50 Windstone"
I'd like some input before I really get too deep into customizing and testing and really using things, though.

Please fill out the form here to help me make some decisions about what to add to the site.…
Every input counts, and I'll read all the input I get. (I've been seeing some really interesting suggestions in that last field, especially!) It's a short form, and probably won't take much more than 5 minutes. Thanks very much for your time.

The version of the imageboard I'm running right now is a bit behind, and I might upgrade to the next version sometime today. So if imageboard goes down for a little while or starts acting goofy today, that might be why. I've got most of the data backed up already in case something goes wrong during the upgrade process.

I've had this going for about a day or two now, as evidenced by my Livejournal, and was kinda perplexed by the lack of input. And then I realized I forgot to advertise it on my existing galleries. :B D'OH
I'm finally getting off of my lazy butt and cleaning out my Devwatch list. Out of all the people I'm watching, not that many still make a lot of things I still like to see as I did in the past. Either due to my own interests changing over the years, or due to their change in focus. Either way, if anyone here specifically wants me to re-watch (or add them for the first time, because honestly, I don't remember most of the people on this list) them, just give me a heads up, and I'll plug you in.

Z, Megawolf77, Saimiri, Amade, Starbomber, Jelliedfox, Triggerd/Darkmog, and Raincookie, you guys will definitely be retained. (Nai and Pon, you guys are staying too. No prob.)

Sorry thebryg, but you haven't updated in years now. I have no idea if you're still around here. I still remember you were one of the first few people who ever welcomed me and that I ever watched on dA.

I really just don't have as much time for sites like dA and things like I used to, so I don't want to have to wade through piles and piles of things I'm not _that_ interested in to find things. I do make sure of dA's search function though, so good tagging really helps me find what I'm looking for better than a watch.

This journal entry lacks a solid conclusion, and its sense of incompleteness irks me. Albeit "incomplete", this entry is now finished.
Did I ever mention here that my primary OS is Ubuntu? I can't remember. I mainly use GIMP for drawing, though sometimes I run oC1.1 in WINE to doodle, or KolourPaint for sillyness, or Pencil to do some practice animations when the mood gets me. But exporting the animations tends to be a bit of a pain.

I'm mainly adding this journal entry to get that last one off of my page. I've seen plenty more ads since then, but I stopped caring. As long as I'm allowed to delete it out of my message box if I don't find it relevant to me, I'm fine with it. |3
Edit#3: One month later, and take a look at this one. I'm glad I had a month break between this one and the last one, because this one took up the whole screen. IN FULLSCREEN MODE. I don't even use that mode for browsing.

Edit#2: Take a look. I'm still getting more ads for the same thing. At least this one's kinda funny.

"Hey travisuped! We noticed you don't have a subscription!  Did you know that having a subscription enables loads of
amazing features to enhance your deviantART experience?"

Every day I delete this message, and see it the next time I check my messages here. Considering I haven't pursued a subscription in years since the last free give-out subscription; considering I very seldom spend more than 10 minutes a day here; considering that the extra features will not make my ability to share my art any better, why would I spring for it now?

I'll probably see the same message in my inbox again tomorrow.

Edit: There is the possibility I kept failing to delete the same message for multiple days in a row. I deleted again the first time I posted this, and I haven't seen the message again... Yet.
Hey guys? What's up with the active watcher checks? I know it's only two clicks to reaffirm your belief that we're here, but I'd like to point out that:

1> Watching your deviations doesn't mean watching journals/polls/whatnot.
2> I watch 183 people. About 10 of those are dead accounts, dropping the tally to 173. If 173 people all do an active watcher check, then I'll be doing 346 clicks (Excluding another set of 173, assuming I decided to clear them from my inbox after voting). Each voting motion is roughly 115 pixels of movement from clicking the option to clicking vote. That's about 39790 pixels total.
While this is not a large amount of movement, given this as a limit for amount of clicks and cursor movement, I could probably create a tiny artwork.

That's not to say that you shouldn't do it- I'm curious, myself.
But why would/do you do it?
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University is wow!
University homework is OW!

I am not even kidding.
I'll be starting in University in the next few days. I _might_ not be on the net as much. That's just how things go.
Then again, I'll still have plenty more free time than I used to with my older classes, so it might not seem like anything changed at all.

Also, if I ever come off as sounding like an arrogant know-it-all, slap me in the face and show me truth as truth or opinions as opinions. I make mistakes. Arrogance can be one.

...I got tagged by :iconmegawolf77:

1. Choose one or a few of your own characters. Five at the most. (that's a lame rule.)
2. Make them answer the following questions.
3. Then tag three people.
4. Feel free to go ahead and add some questions yourself!!

What is your name? What does it mean, if anything?

Half: Half. I was half-baked when I came out the thoughtoven, and I'm about half the height of a lot of people... And I don't mind fractions too much.
Kilo: My name is Kilo!
Kimmy: My name is Kimmy, but only my parents call me that. I prefer Kim.
Travis: Travis. They call me Travis. Or T.
Luna: My name's Luna! :D Sometimes Mr. Bear calls me looney looner Luna, but I'm no looney!

Where are you from?

Half: Heaven.
Kilo: You see, there's this really small growing village named Meon- I live there with my daughter, Kimmy!
Kimmy: I live in a house near the northern part of Meon by the pool, with my papa, Kilo. Some people tell me I was probably adopted, but I don't remember living anywhere else.
Travis: ... I'm sorry, I can't really answer that well. Next question?
Luna: I come fromma space colony with lotsa lotsa balloons! Whoosh!

How old are you?

Half: I AM EITHER TWO OR FOUR YEARS OLD AND DON'T YOU FORGET IT... Actually, yeah, I don't have a clue. 18/21/8/10/13/4/2, I guess?
Kilo: Eheheh :3 I dunno. I stopped counting when Kimmy was around.
Kimmy: Ten! Ten years old! *holds both hands open and shows them proudly* [editor's note: This age is variable.]
Travis: I tend to find myself in places where they count time differently than the last. Suffice to say I'm young?
Luna: When was I borned? I think you have to ask the gobernments.

What's your sign?

Kilo: Uh... Orange?
Kimmy: ...
Travis: ... What?
Luna: Space Colonyyyyyyyyyy! :D No no, STARS! STAAAAARS! :D

What's your height?

Half: Oh come on, seriously, who keeps track of this stuff? I guess the women? WHY WOULD I KNOW THIS!?
Kilo: I'm big and grown-up!
Kimmy: I'm... compact.
Travis: Slim.
Luna: Blackcherry-Ferrari!

Do you have any bad habits?

Half: Plenty. :/
Kilo: Hrm... I have lots of toys I tend to leave laying around.
Kimmy: No! I mean... Yes. *blushes*
Travis: All people have their vices.
Luna: Sometimes when I get really mad I hit my toys! But I don't have that many. :<

Are you a virgin?

Half: IT DEPENDS ON WHICH ME YOU'RE TALKING TO AND WHAT MOOD I AM IN... mostly. When I'm genderless, heck yeah!
Kilo: With Kimmy, I doubt it.
Kimmy: What!?
Travis: Next Question.
Luna: Nononono I've popped balloons before! I know alls about it! I watch Youtube toos!

Who's your mate/spouse?

Half: Nobody here should have one, if I recall.
Kilo: Mia! Well... I think. I haven't seen her since I started taking care of Kimmy.
Kimmy: ...
Travis: ...

What's your favourite food?

Half: Pizza, tacos, hotpockets, burritoes. Hrm.... Honey Terriyaki Chicken. Ooh, and honey! Sweet honey is always good!
Kilo: I like anything Kimmy cooks! <3 Oh, and Apples are lovely!
Kimmy: I'm not a very picky eater, but I do like fish!
Travis: I learned not to be choosey about food. Never know what's gonna be for next meal, really, no matter how comfortable things feel. Still, I'm beginning to consider fish something of a treat, at least, right now.
Luna: Candy! CANDY CANDY CANDY! <3<3<3

What's your favourite ice cream flavor?

Half: The last icecream I ate was honey flavored, actually. It was good... well, it was okay anyway. I don't like ice-cream much.
Kilo: Apple! :D
Kimmy: Any kind is nice. :3
Travis: I like all kinds.
Luna: Candy! Little candy frosted bits, pink and red and sparkly bits! SWEEEEEEETS <3 SPRINKLES :D

Have you killed anyone?

Half: Do videogames count?
Kilo: :< I don't like this topic. I think I want to go home.
Kimmy: No, never!
Travis: Perhaps. I try to preserve life, in a fight, if I can help it.
Luna: Bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeee!!!! Yellowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! This can't be happening!

...Oh wait
they're still alive.

Do you hate anyone?

Half: Racists who don't even try to understand.
Speciests who don't try to understand.
People who refuse to try.
People in general. But I love them, too. If that makes any sense. There's nothing more painful and wonderful as people.

Kilo: Sometimes, I think I hate myself... But I try to fix it!
Kimmy: Nope.
Travis: Hate is unnecessary.
Luna: Big guys who do bad stuff! DX

Have any secrets?

Half: Why would I tell you my secrets? They wouldn't be secrets anymore!
Kilo: I'm REALLY wanting to go home now! ... But I can't leave without Kimmy!
Kimmy: Nada! *Looks at Travis and blushes wildly* Okay, maybe just one.
Travis: I'm an angel. It's supposed to be a secret, but nobody believes me without proof, so it doesn't matter if I tell people or not.
Luna: Balloons feel really nice to rub against when I'm wearing my pajamas! Eheh |3 Nice and soft!

Do you love anyone?

Half: My creator. And the other things he makes... sorta.
Kilo: Kimmy <3 And my toys! And my friends!
Kimmy: I love everyone! I just wish they'd all try harder to do good!
Travis: My friends are the ones I care about most.
Luna: Uuuummmmmm... Balloons? Oh, Mr. Bear's nice! And Kilo, he's friendly! Urmmmmmmmm...

What is your job?

Half: Creator. Tester. Sensor. Monitor. FUN RELAY THINGY.
Kilo: I test toys and balloons, and deliver packages to the local shop.
Kimmy: I cook and clean and manage the house and the people in it, and make sure everythings livable and safe, and make sure everyone's in the right place at the right time doing what they need to do, and nobody can tell me that's not a full time job, you know!
Travis: Divine messager. And a guardian, or sorta.
Luna: Balloooooooooooooooons~ Hey did you know that lemons are a threat to balloonkind? Sometimes the shop down the street pays me to test balloons for him, and best of all I get to keep some free! *does a little butt-shaking dance* Oh, and science! :D

Boy or girl?

Half: That changes every few hours. :3 Depends on my mood and stuff.
Kilo: I know I'm a little cute- or at least I try- and my hair is a bit on the long side, but I'm a guy, really. Wanna see? *zip*
Kimmy: OH NO! PAPA PUT YOUR PANTS BACK ON, WE'RE IN PUBLIC D: *Reaches over and zips it up for him.*
Travis: Ooh. Wow. Kim, are all the guys of your kind _that_ size...?
Luna: Imma girl! *paws twice at her chest and traces down her curves* I know I'm on the petite side... but I'm still cute enough, right? *turns around to look at her butt*

What do you do to relax?

Half: What's a relax? Is that like when I'm playing games or trying to fix a computer or on the internet or watching videos or trying to make stuff or trying to draw or eating? WAIT! There we go! Eating! That's relaxing, right?
Kilo: I play with my toys! :3
Kimmy: I sometimes like to watch some television. Other times I sit and draw a little, with music playing.
Travis: Gee, I've never really thought about it before. I guess I'm always relaxed, with most of the things I do.
Luna: BAAALLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONs <3 My toys!<3 <3 <3 Oh, and somtimes I watch TV and sometimes I plays games and somtimes I take naps.

What's the weirdest thing that happened to you?

Half: Does smut count?
Kilo: I really really really really really don't want to talk about this. La la la~
Kimmy: Getting a starring role in a movie was unexpected and exciting! It was fun though, with all the special effects. What was it called? Potentially Lethal?
Travis: I believe that another copy of me exists in an alternate dimension where everything about me and Kimmy is warped. And sometimes I swear I can hear him saying he wants to get me. But it might be all in my head. So I guess... the first time I got all my powers back for a while. Flying is a wonderful feeling if you don't have to worry about falling.
Luna: I think I was in a pornoes! :D But then God said it was wrong and took it back and made things back to normal. Or I might have dreamed it. I dunno.

Have you kissed anyone?

Half: Certainly!
Kilo: I kiss Kimmy all the time!
Kimmy: There's my papa, and ooooone other... :3
Travis: Eheheh... : )
Luna: I love to kiss my balloons before night! That makes 'em happy and nice and fun and makes 'em have good dreams like me!

Favorite genre of music?

Half: Drum 'n Bass/ Rhythmn 'n Bass / Jungle / Choral... Actually, anything high energy or dramatic, as long as it's exciting! And doesn't have stinky vocals. D:
Kilo: I don't know... I like cheerful things, though. :3
Kimmy: Instrumental, definitely.
Travis: I'm not picky. They're all good!
Luna: Foreign-POP and Foreign-Rock! Yeah!

Ever went on a date?

Half: Only one person here ever had a real date, and he was later for it! I feel kinda bad for him, but it doesn't stop it from being funny. It's what happened after he missed it that made it so bad.
Kilo: I don't like these subjects. :< Really want to go home right now. :< La... la la...
Kimmy: Papa, it's okay. *hugs* We're almost done. We'll go home soon, I promise.
Travis: Depends on what you mean by date. Most likely, no.
Luna: Yupyup, I know lotsa dates! There's the fruit kind I stepped on before, and there's the kind like Christmas and balloon days and eeee~

What's your talent?

Half: If I die, I immediately respawn from the heavens and fall back to the location I died... Does that count?
Kilo: I'm a kitty, I go Roar! I'm a kitty I go mew! I'm a kitty, and I can SCRATCH! I'm a kitty who can dance! I la la la love to siiing and SHOUT! Paint, draw, and show! *purrs, stops dancing, and sits down*
Kimmy: I can sing and dance like papa! And some say I act well.
Travis:I can adapt to new situations rather swiftly, that's about all.
Luna: Eheheheh~ *wink, headtilt* A smart bunny knows better than to reveal all her tricks. MrrrmmmmMMMm~

Now that it's all done, I guess I'll tag: Only the people who actually want to. I believe spreading chain-letters without careful thought into why is meaningless, and wasteful. Bordering on destructive. If people want to do the activites, they will do the activities.
First off, I've been working on changing how I tackle art. I Found a way of working that's time consuming after the start, but has an interesting result, but I've yet to complete a picture working that way.
And now for the main reason I updated:

Leave a comment (with the word "Candy" somewhere within) and I will:

a) tell you why I friended you,
b) associate you with something - fandom, a song, a colour, a photo, etc.,
c) tell you something I like about you,
d) tell you a memory I have of you,
e) ask something I've always wanted to know about you,
f) tell you my favorite user pic of yours,
g) I'll only tell you these things if I actually can think of them.
h) No, you don't have to repost, and I'm not asking you to. Generally, I'm not a fan of chain letters.