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Saint Ashreynard
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Crit: General art improvement advice preferred. Feedback and opinions appreciated. Image-specific analysis accepted.

I'm having a lot of trouble with this one. I've got a whole sector of canidae characters that aren't ALWAYS HAPPY ALL THE TIME like most of my Kibrosian characters, but the way I envision their world is at odds with the way I usually draw.

Goes hand in hand with my decision to fight against my routine in an attempt to improve my work a bit that I try to tackle the side of my plans that I never really get to see or show. The fox in the robe is Saint Ashreynard, who's design drives me up a wall since I'm not accustomed to fox anatomy in the slightest, and I want him to look like a fox. Not like a fuzzy human with a tail and weird ears.

I'm not sure what it is irking me so much about its current state. I think it has to do with how the walls of the rocky enclosure are simplified and lacking in texture, but then the fire isn't as detailed as I want it to appear. Mixed in with existing problems with drawing Ash, and well, I'm losing will to continue with this one.

Now if someone convinces me that it'll be better for me to try to finish it to the best of my ability anyway, then yes, I might try that. But right now I personally feel I should start a fresh pic.

Unless I make something better within the month, this is staying in my main gallery and not my scraps.

[If you want character info, feel free to ask anything about the guy. Character questions are healthy for their development.]
Further Informal chat commentary: "I wanted to have it looking outside of the cave so you kinda see like. Sand and pebbles or at least some hint that there's a nearby exit and he won't suffocate. And if I were going all out, there'd be about three other characters in view. But I'm pretty much done with this one for now unless I decide to redo it."
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love it so far, might need a little something towards the tail or feet
p.s. can't get more fox like for an example :laughing:
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Glad you like how it's going so far.
*Nod* And thanks for the reference image. It'll probably come in handy. Though when I started designing Ash, I was basing his appearance a bit more off of that of the Kitfox. That said, I think that's a really good photo. High quality.
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well the photo's not mine I just wanted to elevate upon the details to be addressed. Thanks cannot wait to see more progression keep me updated.
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Alrighty. :3 Sure thing if I make more progress on it.
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