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A Pilot by travisuped A Pilot by travisuped
A trade/challenge thingy with :iconstarbomber109:
Drawing all pencil, but color all digital.

Jet is a colorblind engineer with piloting skills who has a family and world to protect with a few other teammates who pilot various kinds of machines to prevent hostiles from entering propagation range for planet Kibrosa. Since the planet has a tendency to copy and support _any_ life that gets close enough to it, the defense team is stationed out on the edge of the planetary system defending it from potential hostile entry.

His real name is Jethrothore. Everyone calls him Jet because of how much he deals with machines. He has a single dark red broad vertical stripe on the frontmost part of each of his ears, with amber colored eyes and a soft grey fur all over. He's an adult Kiddle, so his colors are very vivid, but deep and dark. Like most Kiddles, he is relatively small and technologically savvy.

His immediate family consists of his mother, father, wife, son, and daughter. Most of which are interested in technology more or less, but only the son knows a lot about ridable machines, but he thinks of them more as large toys than tools. Jet isn't happy about that fact, but prefers his son's cheerful outlook on it to Jet's own slightly jaded attitude. Because of the nature of the planet, there are two Jets, one of which resides on planet Kibrosa with his family, taking care of them, and the other out in the defense team who doesn't get to contact his family a lot. Colorblindness has very little effect on his daily life. (Jet physically can see the color red, but with no other colors than grey to compare it to, he never learned to identify any colors. This does however lend to a natural bias towards red objects. Just in case anyone is wondering, this isn't how Real-World-Earth color blindness works.)

Jet specializes in working with land-based quadruped animal-based machines, but is competent with flying machines, and bipedal walker machines as well. He isn't too fond of marine machines, but can work with them when necessary.
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amade Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Nice rendering, torso and head's a bit empty though which sort of make 'em look formless compared to everything else.

I'd have nitpicked on anatomy too but I'm guessing you can already spot the bits.
travisuped Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2010
I see what you mean about the torso. I don't like trying to do too much with facial rendering though. It tends to get all ugly and deformed looking to me quick.

As for the anatomy, the only thing I find particularly bothersome are the eyes. They look fine to me over on the pencil-only take, so I think that little bit of added white makes it seem as if each eye is looking at something totally different.
Nai255 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2010
He looks good.
I'd say "Challenge Complete"
travisuped Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2010
Thanks. :3 This phase is pretty complete. The next big thing is creating a mech.
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January 22, 2010
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