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Doctor Who and the Secret Time Lords

You... are... not... alone........

Inspired by the numerous fan theories I've heard about characters of various books, movies, and TV shows who are secretly Time Lords. I think the trickiest part of this picture was choosing my line up. My friends helped me come up with several ideas and then I had to narrow it down to the ones that best matched the theme. Some of the criteria I looked for included unusual forms of transportation, anything that's 'bigger on the inside', regeneration/multiple iterations, ect. Some of the secret Time Lords that didn't quite make it were Harry Potter, Batman, and Yoda.

Here we have (from left to right): Marry Poppins, Doc Brown (Back to the Future), James Bond, Willy Wonka, the Doctor, Mrs. Frizzle (the Magic School Bus), Gandalf (the Lord of the Rings), and Santa Claus.
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Ms. Frizzle's outfit makes it seem like she IS the Tardis.

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The Time Lords are a fictional society of time traveling aliens from the long running British television series "Doctor Who".
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My sister and I are TOTALLY convinced Ms Frizzle is a Time Lady.

Also, we believed John Hurt's The Storyteller was a Time Lord, several years before he was on Doctor Who.
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this is awesome and im watching the original wonka movie now!!!
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Doc Brown? No, because I want him to remain an extraordinarily gifted human who built a machine under his own intellect and power. 

...However, I have an idea that the Doctor might have VISITED him and given him a component which would grant him limited access to the Space-Time Vortex. This explains how the DeLorean doesn't fly off the planet every time it appears in another time (the position of the planet in 1955 is not the same as it is in 1985).

Also, Gandalf isn't a Time Lord, but RRRRRRRRrrrrrradagast the Brrrrrrrrrrown certainly is. :) 

Also also, it's funny you should include Ms. Frizzle. I've always thought she was River Song, building a new life for herself in the CAL network in "Silence in the Library."
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I would argue that Flynn Carson from The Librarians should be a member, and maybe Jenkins. Given how much Flynn looks like his hero Darian Dare, the potential for reincarnation may exist. It would at least explain how they become so knowledgeable.
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I think Jenkins is implied in S2 to be one of the Knights of the Round Table, made immortal by some means.
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Alas, I haven't seen that show. Looks good, though.

Yeah, I've said it before, but I could re-do this drawing probably a half a dozen times and never re-use a character. lol
The Great Glass Elevator even looked like a phone kiosk in a recent west end production
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This is fantastic 
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Gandalf doesn't quite work, because what he is was pretty explicitly stated in Tolkien's work. Sort of a stretch. The rest are great though.
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I feel like Bill Nye the Science Guy should be in here. He would make such a good Doctor!
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I knew Miss Frizzle was a time lord this whole time!
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The best part is...most of these had occurred to me as well!!!
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I do honestly believe all of these are Time Lords! 
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You predicted the Ovary Master! She looks like Mary Poppins, and even (somewhat) talks like her.
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Mary Poppins, Sonic Umbrella, Doc Brown, Sonic Goggles, James Bond, Sonic Watch, Willy Wonka, Sonic Cane, Mrs. Frizzle, Sonic hair pin, Gandalf, Sonic Staff and Santa, Sonic Sleigh. 
Santa’s sleigh would be his tardis tho
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