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Bechdel Test Fail



Just a picture of strong, independent female characters that everyone, especially young girls, can look up to... and Bella Swan. She's there too. Talking about Edward. Again.

Yes, Hermione, Katara, and Katniss all had love-interest and could get caught up in relationship stuff from time to time; but they could also function and even thrive on their own. They didn't need saving all the time- in fact, they could kick ass just as well, if not better then, their romantic partners. And that's why they're awesome.
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Actually, Katniss is pretty dependent on Peeta in her own way. While she doesn't need him to save her all the time, losing him makes her fall apart and causes her to have mental/emotional breakdowns to the point that she couldn't function. It's her main weakness and the only way the Capital could weaken her and very nearly destroy her was by capturing Peeta and turning him against her. When here PTSD becomes too much for her to deal with, she depends on Peeta just to function. What makes her such an interesting character because she seems so tough and independent until she nearly loses Peeta.

The problem with Bella isn't that she's dependent on Edward but that's she's boring. Katniss is dependent on Peeta and couldn't function without him but she's also an interesting character with strengths and struggles, like her PTSD. Bella doesn't have much of a personality or struggles. She's just a hormonal, love-sick teenage girl. Some people might like her and that's fine but personally, I don't find her interesting. Meyer should've spent less time on monologues about Edward and more on Bella's character development.