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The Canceling of Inuyasha and others and future days of review and stories
    I have been so far doing reviews under the idea of doing a big show and tons of tiny shows, But I just can't do it anymore because of me not care anymore for Inuyasha and the reason for that is it too hard to watch thanks to the reputation of stories for scared jewel to the kidnapping of Kagome and sure I get these both of these things are important in the show, but still I hate reputation thanks to getting it made every episode feel the same and not fun to watch, and yes I know that season two show Kagome getting stronger, yet their decision to go back to this plot when it makes no sense to do it and their keep on doing it, also since the main story is supposed to be Kagome getting used to the new world because it makes her stronger thanks to helping Inuyasha and the other character she meets along the way really doesn't work thanks to her character get weaker everything she get kidnap and yes I know she knows that their shelf to look forward to in this series, but I just can't and with the set back of the Dragon Ball GT review and AKB0048 cancellation and taking to long lead me to canceli this year. I decide for the future vision of doing this I going do this I go do a show I already see and start it in late March, and it wondering some of the show I was going to review in the others list are still going to get a review but without long ruing story, and this being me to talk about the future of me doing reviews or stories and with stories their will says the same with every story chapter or one-shots coming Monday and the one is going to change is review which is now are coming out every Friday, so now I got everything out the way I sorry the long wait I just do it anymore and I still hope look forward to my review on Friday
Robert Rippee my uncle just died by I don't know at the time but rip he was great men that sadly knew a little even if sometimes he can get to angry he can always be easy to talk to and can be a lot of fun to hand out with I also feel guilty that I wasn't their at the time but I know he is in a better place
In honor Robot Rippee

their be no review today or tomorrow and just because of what I mention earlier I just need time to get trough it so no review today or tomorrow