What a Weekend.

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This has been a really  great weekend, something i really needed. On Friday i got an awesome Justice League Batman statue from my parents plus a great graphic novel, then my Batman Origins came in so i played a ton! but wait...Before you judge and shout out NERD in the ogre voice from revenge of the nerds, I also went to A VERY high class and well to do Halloween Benefit for the boys and girls club as a very rich persons' house. The only reason why i was their was my Fiance was performing Aerial Dance and i was a plus one but still! i felt like Oliver Queen in my snazzy tux surrounded by socialites. It was a lot of fun...Then i did a layout so it was a very good weekend. Thus ends my journal entry, god i feel like i am in 4th grade writing about my weekend and i expect a check mark for completion by the teacher.   
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