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watching for stars - finished

watching for stars fin
This print is now for sale at [link] they are limited only 100 available and are going fast.

Many Many years ago I bought a rpg book. I flipped through the pages and found a incredible array of fantasy pen/ink work. The works were fantastic and I must say that it has influenced me to a huge degree in my love for fantasy and adventure artwork.

The talents of :icongiadrosich: and larry elmore, their linework and paintings really. i believe have influenced fantasy artwork in a very positive away and set the bar high in the late 70's and 80's.

I met them both and the talented mark poole this last year, though I have known bob for a bit, and they made me feel that I just belonged - which was what i needed last year. So a tribute to them and where artwork can go.

Flats update
Still plugging away at the flats and making sure it is going in the direction i need it to - There will be plenty of changes as well - trust me it is far from finished. **note** I was not happy at all with the sky so i changed it- it was way too dull- so the canvas is clean with a gradient- i will play more with it later.

Flats and inks info
I really fell into the groove with this one- 2 hours for both inks and pencils. The flats will take a little longer especially as i tackle the sky and scales. I like the concept of the blue dragon and the boy. It puts things in perspective for me in an odd sort of relationship.

Colors Fin
Well things are about wrapped up here- I like the feel of it and the calming colors- i tried really hard to stay away from warms and give it a nice cool feel. - Ok on to the next one- 2 more major illustrations to do
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Hi Travis!  I just wanted to let you know that I've featured your work on my dragon artwork blog (with proper attribution and links back, of course).  I really love your art style and characters, and can't wait to really dive into your series Life of the Party!  You can find me at Writing Dragons Blog, and your feature here.  Keep up the awesome work!
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Your work is amazing, each illustration tells so many stories! They could be used like concept art for animated movies..
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why thank you i am glad found so many different adventures in my work- i will have to post more then:)
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Hiya, just a little message to let you know this piece of work has been featured in Issue 50 of Devious Dragons, the blog for older dragon artwork [link] :)
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thank you i feel honored- i hope you noticed my other dragons as well:)
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aww. its beautiful :heart:
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thats fantastic !
travisJhanson's avatar
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Just amazing! I love the line work and the colors!! *^_^*
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thank you so much - This is actually one of the more popular prints out right now. I was a little shocked because it struggled with the color scheme
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You sure made it look like it came natural ^_^
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I am honored more than you could possibly imagine. Thank you.

"And keep up the fine work, Travis!!"

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actually my friend- it is i who is honored- your a good man I am grateful for our friendship and look forward to many more adventures.

i am having fun with this dragon series anyways- - i am starting my forth tonight- and hope to have it done by sat.
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I'll be looking for the new pic!

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i should have it up tomorrow
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this is an awesome piece but can you fix the category? This isn't done with traditional media...
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your right i need to fix- it started traditional - hand drawn and inked and then colored photoshop- sorry to offend-

i am glad you like it.
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Is this from Eragon? Great perspective in this piece. I like the clouds and the sense of height.
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no it is not- just a piece that felt right-
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