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wasting spells..... Rpg comic
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Published: May 19, 2017
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Sometimes you just don't want to waste a spell....
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WallarooHobbyist General Artist
And this is why Clerics need to invest in a lot of diamonds.
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DCLeadbootHobbyist Digital Artist
RPG 101... never try to save the Leeroy... :XD:;;
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With that many stabby-bits in the warrior.....the cleric may have a point.
T-A-Sorsby's avatar
T-A-Sorsby Writer
We have a player who regularly plays Dwarves. For a couple of years, he regularly played *expendable* Dwarves...
"Because it's not very Dwarven to run away!"
Natasel's avatar
Short Dwarven legs aren't going to win any sprinting records alright.
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WeidenliedHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Meh, we usually only just don't have enough of the damned diamonds -.- Our Cleric always complains about that^^
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Murasaki99Student Traditional Artist
The dead man needs to have good funding for accidents like this.  Rezzing isn't cheap!  :nod:
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MirrorKhaosHobbyist General Artist
Yupe with the lady cleric here, Don't abuse healing magic.
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Sometimes, there ain't no healing stupid.
Had this happen once when a warrior got too impatient for my rogue to check a door for traps. There was a lot less complaining after that.
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I was once playing a fighter who would charge into situations. and one of my friends was a rogue. Whenever they would try to disarm a trap they would activate it. when ever I bumed rushed most of the time I would break the trap making it go off right in front of me. one time we are at a door my fighter couldn't break through. so the rogue tries to unlock it. my fighter started to walk away and activates the trap that ended up killing the rogue. Well the fighter died from a pillow fight with a giant. (the giant may or may not had bricks in his pillow)
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Seen those episodes too.
Ah, RPG 'war stories' ...
I sometimes wonder what mundane folk talk about.
scoots291's avatar
I lost more character by the Deck of many things then actually character deaths
perl7789's avatar
My DM has banished my Deck of Many Things to the Book of Bad Ideas. My favorite is the 7 of clubs. You polymorph permanently into a shaved bugbear of opposite gender. :D That's one of the nicer ones.
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That's sooo accurate! The only guy with the healing spell in my D&D campaign was once like this with someone's character... Almost R.I.P!! ^<^
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dlambeautHobbyist General Artist
She'll need a whole bunch of healing/regeneration spells before the resurrection one... or a needle, thread and a lot of patience...
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That's what happens when you are the door opener and arrow catcher.
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Especially should he had something really stupid!
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KamiLuckyHobbyist Digital Artist
rouge: But then, that means i have to tank
cleric: i don't care, that idiot is gonna stay dead
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FabulousAntelopeStudent General Artist
Frens: Bru you're our only cleric just revive us
Cleric: No maybe you shouldn't die
Skull-Splinters's avatar
Skull-SplintersHobbyist General Artist
Necromancer: But I would.... ;)
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BlueDiscipleHobbyist General Artist
Hmm... he'd be every bit as useful ...and probably just as smart!
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Hobby-HistorianHobbyist Writer
Sword Art Online
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