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the jungle pirates done 7 2 08



into the jungle done I think
well I think i have this one done- I really like the feel of it and i think i might make it into a print (18x24). I do not know- should i make this a print

into the jungle shadows
We keep pushing along- I am playing with shadows now- I still have a few flats to finish up - but i am moving forward- I am looking forward to working the highlights soon-


into the jungle flat update almost done
ok I have let it sit and now I am finishing this one up:) it is looking good and I hope to have it done very very soon.

into the jungle: pirates flats 2
Needed to let it sit and now it is in full gear. Very pleased with the flow and direction - this will possibly be the third big print i have for sdcc:) I like this alot

into the jungle: Pirates flats start
Ok here is how it all starts. I have had a few questions about this so i thought i would discuss it as i go along. Once I scan the inks in and clean them up, I move to flats. I use photoshop cs. I put the inks on a separate layer and work underneath them. I knock out all the white as well or I modify the ink layer so the colors come through.

The color theme is a work in process. My main goal is all about shapes and setting the base colors first. I actually finalize my color themes at the end of the whole process. So don't hold up on color selection.

As you can see i select large areas first- huge area and work into them. This allows the me to work each section as groups. It also allows me to help create the depth. My selection are made with the selection tool (anti-alias off) and then fill. Then I go in an pick another process. The beginning is always the hardest once i start attacking detail spots it becomes much more fun and exciting- but it all starts somewhere.

Feel free to ask questions at anytime.

As we move along you will see more and more color appearing. So keep looking for updates, another one will happen tomorrow.

into the jungle: Pirate Teddy bears return

I guess the treasure hunt needed to go on. I figure there is really one more to add to the series. I really enjoyed putting this together my personal favorites are the fish:) i cannot wait to color so this will take a bit to get it all set up.

on a side note
for those of you that are visiting - these are huge prints 18x24. I always post in stages - updating over the same file. It allows people to see the progress and enjoy the experience with me. If you are interested in buying the prints let me know. and I will let you know when they are available.

Thanks for playing in my imagination. More to come.

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