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the Record Keeper

In the last 50 years the art of journals has all but disappeared. Our children will never know our histories or our mistakes. We need to correct that and take a moment in our "busy" lives and write down what was important to us and what did in life. So others might realize that they are not so alone.

I do not know when I will be called home. So I will try harder to show my kids and my future grandchildren what kind of person I am - through my sketches, my art and my journals. I would hate for those precious memories to be lost to time and forgotten forever
Each print I create has it's unique tale. There is the tale that I see and then there is the story you as the viewer sees. The trips can be magical and fantastic adventures to far away places, lost emotions and exciting encounters. It is what makes the piece special.

Each print is a limited piece. I create only a small amount and once that piece is sold the image retired. This allows your art to have value. It also allows me, to create more.

Paper Epson Ultra Premium Presentation Matte paper- nice thickness, beautiful white brightness.
inks (UltraChrome K3 Inks) will last between 100 to 200 years.

To buy this print for $25 come here [link]
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You're very right, journals have disappeared and it's just sad. I love this piece.
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And as well ur text is true, I love everything about this post!
You are a very inspirational person!
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Great sentiment! I keep a journal, and wish I had your talent. Great sketches! They remind me a bit of illustrations of Russian fairytales in a book at my mothers place.
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practice my friend- practice. I am a huge fan of euro art and stories- I am glad that this brings back pleasant memories
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What a wonderful sentiment to go with this serene piece. I still keep a diary. I guess I'm old fashioned.
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nothing wrong with that- so am i
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Beautiful work. Very well done.
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You're welcome.
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Very nice you know. Its the moto you've been keeping since the day I've seen your gallery. The lost tale that we used to picture ourselves adventuring when we're young, an own fantasy filled by imaginery and magical creatures. lol. You should keep this up. And great job as always.
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i am trying - i am trying:) sometimes it is hard to practice what you preach
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Yeah... I know. :\ But it's okay to go out testing new theme too.
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Just yesterday I read a weekend newspaper section on children an new media. In one article, the author said that young girls don't write journals anymore, they write blogs. And it is true. If you browse the web, you'll see that our kids write about the same stuff in their blogs that we used to put into our journals: problems with parents, first love, school etc. And since most companies don't ever delete anything, especially after you lost your password, those journals will be preserved for today's youth's children and grandchildren.
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still though there is something awesome about flipping through a hand written book from my grandmother
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Just you use a cintiq tablet?...if so which one do you have?
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actually no- i use just a reg wacom4(6x9)- i want a cintiq but i dont have the funding for it. maybe when i sell more prints
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I love all the details...the lighting....your work is awesome!!!!
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