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dragon vs dino new done

reworking colors update :done i think
ok i am working on the next three prints for sdcc and will be posting those soon

i got frustrated and went back and started reworking the highlights, shadows and colors. It was the dragon and several other elements that just did not sit right, I feel a little more inspired to finish this one as well

snow dragon vs dino rider flats

coming off a show can be rough for me creatively. This is mainly due to the intense amount of creative work that goes into prepping and production for the show, all the sketching and still having to finish my other illustrative obligations.

The dragon prints sold so well that I realized I needed to do more. So I am working on my next set of prints along with the race and bean.

I love dinos and i thought what a fun standoff. It used to be that the tricerotop did not have a rider, but after playing with it a bit i figured it was needed. So our "young" knight is coming into dragon territory as he searches on his quest.

Flats are all done
Yup felt inspired so i finished the flats - i like the direction and the shadow. The frost dragon i am still playing with though i feel really good about his general color direction and i know that it will work out once i start adding the highlights to it.

I also am pleased with the boy. I like the look and the feels of him as well. What I am really happy with is the dino- I just like how the base color came out.

Ok I am going to let this sit for a few days and I might finish the highlights on tuesday.

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needs to be a skyrim DLC it would be awesome. just think dinos wandering about the wilds of skyrim for you to kill or tame and if you choose to tame it then you could get some special armor made for it and ride it around killing bandits,dragons or just explore
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that would be awesome
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really like how this one turned out Trav, the subdued colors contrast nicely with the dino rider... focuses the eye on the combatants... really well done.
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thanks my friend- i like this one much better- not as much as my new one though:)
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Estoy tratando de tomar algunos tips de tu estilo para incorporarlo al mio, este es sumamente inspirador.
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siento especial gracias que le mira mi obra asi. lo trato ayudarle como puede - la cosa mas importante que decir es dibajar todo al tiempo y paciencia :)
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Man, I love the little details in this, especially the stone cravings. Great job.
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I think I faved this one before, but the new work on it is looking great. I still really like the yellows.
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i don't know- it is done now and i am much happier with it than i started out with
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Brr. I think the dino needs some warm gear. :D Awesome confrontation! Looks like the young fellow and his mount may be on top of some old fortress.
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:) his skin is thick- Ok I know they are warm blooded but just maybe......:)

as for where they are - i never thought of that- i like that idea very much
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True, warm blood would help a lot. :)

And the steam coming up made me think maybe the fortress was still operational in some way, which would be really neat. Indiana Jones-type adventure coming up! :D
travisJhanson's avatar

yeah i liked the thought (meaning the steam) would be dealing with some lost functioning world underneath- it added to the uniqueness of the pic
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Really nice my friend.
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You are welcome my friend.
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tus trabajos son geniales! me encanta como pintas, el trabajo de color y todo! eres un genio :love:
travisJhanson's avatar
gracias- genie? si piensa? soy dibujanta nada mas:) que le gusta dibujar pintas que motivatar y inspirar:)
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no se de donde sacas esos temas tan interesantes para las ilustraciones LOL
travisJhanson's avatar
lo saco las temas del mundo acerca mi, especialmente mis hijos :)
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