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Traps located

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peh......weak trap it didn't even kill him talk about giving up halfway through

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They just wore out the machine. Someone has to wind those things back, ya know!

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With each and every strip I want to play rogue more and more.

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You know what this reminds me of?

That one scene in "The Road to El Dorado" when the stone Jaguar attacks.

"I am okay"


*muffled* "I'm still okay"

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This is why you send the barbarian down the corridor first if the rogue rolls badly checking for traps.
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Unless your dm makes it a blind roll so you dont know. Since we have had to move online he can have us roll a blind roll. Sometimes you find the trap sometimes you dont....

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wow he is still alife

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its alive? the..... hell?

that's one lucky life saving throw

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Aaaaaaaaah, walk it off, ya wuss. If this were old school you'd have to make five characters before the lost hit points finally stopped proactively killing them, lol!

Seriously though, this is why Rogues should always try to load up on con and toughness where possible. Because you will fail to find a trap sometime and it... will... HURT.

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oh gods.. that is gonna cost the party everything.. XDDD

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and this is why you don't taunt the GM/DM. lol

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I recollect seeing posters "ROGUE - wanted dead or alive". That ain't gonna happen. That guy is indestructible.

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How about a few bottles of manana.

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He did find those traps. But not in the way he was expecting.

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No matter what happens to him, he lives through it all. The Gods must be laughing.

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You get ONE tankard a tavern.

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If I were the trap maker I'd ask for my money back. "Beats intruders to a pulp" my ass.
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.... he lives? The Rogue is alive?!!! Ming the Merciless DM.

And yes I know that merciless and DM are redundant.

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that's gonna leave a mark. physically, mentally, and financially xD

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.. what exactly did his player say to the DM?:fear:

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See the previous comic.

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..but ..he had already got one for that ... ...

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