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The Dragon Tamer

The Dragon Tamer 17×22

What better way to capture dragons than with music.

You can buy this print here for only $25 [link]

Keep creating.
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I wanna be a dragon tammer!😀
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This is somehow really cute.Love I love the Dragons design and his facial expression. The spots and blotty (is that a word?) colourung give him this earthy/rocky look - and also kinda look like freckles. You have a very pretty style!
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Wonder if she's playing Jethro Tull?
Brilliant... It reminds me of Menolly the Harper from Anne Macaffrey's Dragon Rider books!
LouisJohn's avatar
Please tell me what has inspired this drawing and colouring style. It's so inspirational.
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i love music. dragons and cliffs... they just felt right
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Nice composition and graphics!
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this is so beautiful! I love your style
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why thank you - thank you for hanging out with me
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Amazing beautiful line work, coloring and design. I'll watch
travisJhanson's avatar
thank you- and please stay for tea- it is always at four
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This looks like something from Zelda. Amazing art style!
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Awesome picture!
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Ii'm so glad you are doing this kind of print again.
Will you ever do a dragons book? I'd buy it.
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I prob will- i still have a lot more artwork to do before i can put a proper sketchbook together.
astraldreamer's avatar
well I'll have to keep my eye out for it then.
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ooo man your job keep very good same!!
Sorry my bad english haha
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