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Melkor Morgoth and Ungoliant

Melkor/Morgoth and Ungoliant.

These are two characters in the Quenta Simarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien. This is a commissioned piece for a very good friend of mine.

It was Melkor and Ungoliant that killed the two trees of light and stole the jewels of feanor. It's a deep read, but i even like these stories more than LOTR

Size is 11x14
If you are interested in a commission piece just go to [link] for details and basic rates.
— with Mike Olivares.
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Nice work, excellent rendition.
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You're welcome! :)
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Nice job : )
GriswaldTerrastone's avatar
Whoa...but Morgoth got his.
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I liked the Simarillion more than LotR, too. Tolkien really liked mythology and when he doesn't need to try humanizing anything, just write straight myth? He's good at it.
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i would agree- though it is cool to see how he was able to write at many different levels. Each book was for a different kind of readers maturity.
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Sweet work Travis, rockin' inks as usual!
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thank you good sir
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Terrifyingly spectacular! :D
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Pretty cool, Travis! I dig the Silmarillion a lot, this is fun to see. Love the spotted blacks.
travisJhanson's avatar
one of my favorite books to read
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Ooh, more Travs explorations of Middle Earth! Very cool :-)
travisJhanson's avatar
i love middle earth- and we need to explore it even more
AndyIomoon's avatar
Well, it does some like an inexhaustible source sometimes... :)
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That is sweet! Awesome creepy.
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lol thanks darling
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