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Long Mu Mom of 5 Dragons Fin

it is done
now to finish the monkey king - this book comes out for sdcc. It is called Gods & Goddesses

colors flats
Working the flats on this one as well. One more set of flats to do and then i will finish this all off.

Long Mu: Mother of the 5 Dragons
This piece was commissioned for a book based on Gods and Goddesses of Mythology. It will be full of other artists as well, each choosing gods and goddesses from different cultures. They still have spots and there is an entry fee... If your interested I'll pass on the email.

I choose Long Mu- Mother of the 5 dragons of chinese mythology. I put my own artistic spin on it, yet I stayed true to the legend.

I will be adding color to this and it has a companion piece as well.

More to come
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Can't remember if I've said how awesome this picture is. You are always an inspiration to me.
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why thank you - i am glad you like it
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Be nice to have 5 dragons as pets XP. Great picture too
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Your work is always amazing .. thanx for the constant inspiration!
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This piece is amazing, Trav. The shading and coloring is really awesome as usual. The feel of this piece really reminds me of Zelda for some reason, which is definitely a great thing! You always seem to amaze and inspire me with your artwork, even if that inspiration really doesn't inspire me to make artwork of my own anymore.

You are a great person to admire, not only because of your talent but because of your hard work and character that you display on deviantART every time you post. Keep doing what you're doing man :)
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this is great! I love the style and colors
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Hey Travis! Congratulations on the Eisner nom!
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Looks brilliant man. I especially like the work that you did with that island in the background.

I'm not really seeing any faces in the rock on this one though. Is that because it was a commission?
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Oh she seems like a tough woman who won'T let her "babies" get hurt...Though I guess these "Babies" will grow up soon and then... :D
Like the dragons and it is just ineteresting to see Asian theme pictures in your style..because it is..just different somehow.
And I like it :)
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very nice work
Sophia-Christina's avatar
Yes I think if I have 5 Varmits or Rather Dragons I would have that expression too lol
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Great work on this! The coloring looks so crisp =D
"There he goes. One of God’s own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live and too rare to die.”- Raoul Duke (“Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas”, 1998)
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Don't make me come back there... Please? Please don't make me come back there? <sound of fire extinguisher>
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beautifully done!! :heart: it's gorgeous!
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wow! looking great Trav!
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One of my new favourites among thos art of yours !!
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the expressions of the dragons are cool
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i had a lot of fun with those guys.
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Very cool Trav--as usual :) When is the deadline for the book? I'd be really interested in participating, but my schedule is super tight right now since I'm in my last quarter of graduate school and have to finish my thesis before March...
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deadline is may and the costs is about $200 per page but the benifits are huge... They've done one already so I jumping in on this and snagged 2 pages. With 20+ other artist pushing the book and you get a about 40 books per page you have to sell or do with at your whim. Alot better than having to deal with 2000 books sitting in your garage.

Their goal is to have this one out for SDCC
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