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I want a re-roll - RPG Comic

Sometimes all you want is a re-roll

Also if you want a copy of the book go to…
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Every campaign has that player

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Been there, done that!
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So funny ^_^ Great job!!
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I don't know about him but a golden sword doesn't seem very practical even if he did get a good roll.
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And my rerolls always turned out worse. Unless for treasure.
In golf it's called a mulligan. ^_*
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We have all had that crappy roll that messed us up. My epic fail was an elf who failed a saving throw versus a white dragon. He became elf on a stick.
That is me all the time
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Or a Ring of One Wish so that this never happened!  Been there, done that!
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Last time my party fought a dragon, i must admit we cheesed it pretty hard, as rogue, i used initiative to give it a good old smack on the snout with a sack of "Dust of Sneezing and Choking" so worth it.
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Then the dragon just stops and sits down: "Well, go on then."
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It reminds me of my last Warhammer session. I had most of good rolls, my companion... well... didn't. At least she survived.
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