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Brony Drawings List
Hey Everyone  InfernoVote12 Here to start off  MY New drawing List  this  time im going back to my Roots  Just Like  my Friends  :iconmidnightstorm022:  did a few years ago  hope you guys  Enjoy. 
01. Infenro Volt. :iconinfernovolt12:'s  OC  (Done)
02. Frost Bite :iconfrostthehobidon:'s OC (Done)
03.  Yu Gi Brony. :iconofficialyugibrony: 's OC (Done)
04, Xaldin Wolfgang. :iconxaldinwolfgang: 's OC  (Done)
05. Traveling Arrow. :icontravelingarrow:  's OC
06.  Jordan Lego Comix. :iconjordan-da-lego-brony:  's OC
07.  Jessica Pedley.  :iconjessicapedley: 's OC
08.  Silver Quill :iconmlp-silver-quill:'s OC 
09. Commander Firebrand :iconjoshscorcher:'s OC 
10.  Aramau :iconaramaufierysecretary:’s OC
11.    Vivid Dreams :iconxain-russell:'s OC
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Guys, my GF Lavina Everlove is doing pony commissions and they're pretty good if I do say so myself. Please guys go check her out, he truly is amazing. I'm just passing the word along.

Lavina's Contacts
embedded_item1546668684817 by TravelingArrow
Greetings all, I have now decided to go for pay for editing and I hope to enjoy working for you all.

Prices & Terms of Service:

Editing Examples:

I posted a poll a while back and a majority of you agreeed of my choice.Thank you guys for your support. I am going to releasing a video announcement on my channel soon telling of this aswell. I can't wait to work with you all. Admittedly, this is going to be akward at first, cause I'm used to editing for people's entertainment and making others laugh, but I think it's time I try doing it professionally. Please don't see it as me selling out, I still love entertaining each and every one of you! :) Thank
embedded_item1546217090022 by TravelingArrow
Greetings and salutations to you all, my name is the Traveling Arrow. I made this GoFundMe to help my friend Koka the Cat/Mephonix with a current situation she is in. Unfortunately, due to some circumstances that have transpired, Koka the Cat and her husband are filing for a divorce. Due to this, she is about to be homeless and she will have no place to stay or work due to her panic and anxiety disorder. She is in dire need of help, so any amount you can give to her would be greatly needed and most appreciative

Of course you doing this would not go unrewarded. I am willing to give you these rewards if you at all are able to help:
-I will voice as a character in any video, fandub, comic, etc. you are working on.
-I am willing to edit 3 videos you wish to create free of charge.
-Finally, if you wish to, I would be willing to feature you in a cameo in my videos or do a collab in a review/short if you want.

Here is my channel and 2 playlists showing my promise as a VA/Edit:



She's the sweetest person I have ever come across and she doesn't deserve to be homeless. Please, I'm wanting to help her but I can do this alone. So please, help this poor girl in need.

Thank you for your time and keep traveling on.…

Tting-1 by TravelingArrow
Chapter 1: Happy Mask Facade

Humorous laughter and joy could be heard from behind the front door of the room. A green, lightning bolt haired male pegasus could be seen entering in a jolly smile. "Hahaha, well I gotta get some shut-eye, I got some work done later. But I'll see you ponies later!" The colt gives his final farewell as he entered the room. Once inside and the door closes, silence filled the room, despite the ambiance outside in the halls. The colt puts his back to the wall and gives a deep sigh as his smile diminishes to a straight, dull face.

He soon gets up and proceeds to make his way from his living room to the bathroom. Once there, a shut of the door echoes in the silence and soon after a brief period, trickling water could be heard hitting the floor of the shower inside. The pegasus just sits and points his head up to the shower head as it sprays water down onto his body. But as the cool water goes over his mane and coat, the color began to wash off as if it were still wet paint on a canvas being sponged. As the last of his color from his fur began going down the drain, what remained was the same pegasus as before, but with different pallets of gray to replace the one yellow streak in his black hair and the green that covered his feathers and fur.

As he opened his eyes however, they still have the remainder of the green sheen as before. As he steps out and looks to the mirror beside the shower, he sees a serious gray copy of himself through the looking glass. However, he had to learn over time, that this was the new him and he had to hide this emotionless face from his friends so to not worry them. He would not allow his friends to be bothered with his problems, this was something he felt he should fix on his own, not annoying them with minor inconvenience in their lives. Getting his mind back to the present, he moves to the sink and looks to his despicable reflection in the mirror above it, looking at his grass colored eyes. He moved his hoof to his left eye as he closes his right and soon a thin plastic lens is taken out, revealing the color in his eye was simply cosmetic as he did the same to his other eye and put them in a container.

He soon hears knocking on his bathroom door as he quickly dries his hair and heads to the exit of the now moisture filled room. As he comes out, he soon comes to eye with two of the mares he refers to as his sisters, Reina Northstar & Rosie Quills. Reina was taller than the second, not counting the little stumps of horns in her hair. She was covered in green and black splotches on her coat as her main was a simple dark green. But what really would catch ponies’ attention when you'd see her is her draconian like wings, though in his opinion internally, he doesn't think the mares that give her glances are complaining. The shorter mare, Rosie, was a simple pegasus zebra as her purple coat was complemented by her pink stripes, especially with the same mix with her mane. He could always find something extraordinary in every single one of his sisters and he was extremely proud of each of them… It is unfortunate, however, that he could not show that same love to them as they just stare awkwardly at this now irritating straight face of his.

“Hey bro… We, uh, just wanted to come see how you were doing” Rosie asks him, trying to show her chipper demeanor, hiding any uneasiness. His brother was always so happy to see this silly pegasus zebra be her wacky self, but he could feel their aura of concern for him. “Rosie, I appreciate your concern, but let me reassure you that my well being does not warrant any means to worry” He replies to Rosie in a monotone and emotionless voice. It's then, he notices that Reina mumbles something but it's unclear for Arrow to depict and Rosie to hear. “Well, in any case. We were wondering if maybe you wanted, maybe we could go on a camping trip! Just like old times!” Rosie bounces in an attempt to cheer him up as she offered her idea. He looks at her, he wanted to give an expression of pure delight of the idea, but he could only deliver his answer in an unfeeling response “I would have to take a look into my planner of my usual weekly grind, but I think that is simply marvelous-”

“...stop that...”

The two turn their attention to the draconian mare as she raises her menacing yet tearful gaze to the unexpressed colt in front of the two. “Stop acting like this!” Reina erupted in an uproar as she frightens Rosie and actually has the colorless colt give a surprised face. “I can't stand seeing you like this and I hate every minute!” she yells directly to him as she proceeds to walk toward him. “What happened to the colt that would always try to give us a smile?! Wh-Who’d always find a way to see the brighter things in life?!” she yells till she's face to face with him. “If you have any fraction of my loving brother in you, I know for a fact you wouldn't let something like this drag you down, darn it!” she finishes her thoughts as she yelled at her beloved brother with a tearful yet angry gaze, as the room was filled with awkward silence now.

Rosie had her hoof to her muzzle, surprised by the sudden uproar, as Arrow simply looked to Reina as she was breathing deeply after her little moment. Arrow was surprised, an emotion he thought was gone with all the others, but apparently remained. He locked eyes with the angry mare for 2 or 3 minutes as she looked at him with such hurt and anger, but the only thing he could think of doing was to hug her. She was surprised to receive this sort of response as he held her tightly for these long few seconds, almost putting Rosie to tears as he responds: “I understand your utter hatred for my new demeanor Reina. But don't believe that just because I'm like this that I have submitted myself to the uncertainty of ever regaining the persona of myself you hold dear.” He says as he nuzzles her as she slowly returns it, silently weeping to keep her strong resolute demeanor to the two.

They soon separated as she looked at him with a weak smile, he takes a look at Rosie as she had a happy tearful expression as she looks at the two. Arrow could always tell, Rosie loved these little brother-sister moments on her favorite TV shows, so it's no doubt she likes them even more when brought to life. “Don't put yourselves down due to my situation, I assure that this will blow over in time” He tries to reassure them, hoping to give them some confidence in his abilities. However, it's rather difficult to believe that when they just hear it in a monotone from a straight emotionless face.

He takes a deep sigh as he goes to his closet and picks a red hoodie he keeps in the back of his closet. It looked torn on one sleeve and it looked rather big for Arrow, though he thought it would be the best thing to wear to go out so no one would recognize him. He looks to his sisters before he puts it on, knowing full well that it's all thanks to Reina that he has been able to pass off as his old persona, thanks to her illusion spells. “Honestly bro, why go out wearing that when you can just let me perform my newid corporis spell?” Reina asks curiously as a few tears are held back, Arrow finishes putting the hoodie on before he heads for the door. “Maybe so… But I also don't wish for you to tire yourself on my account, for a simple brief outing. I'll be back before dinner” He takes his leave in his ruffled up disguise, leaving his two sisters to their thoughts.

As Rosie sees her brother leave the room, she turns to Reina as she hanged her head a bit. Rosie always did know when Reina was feeling down, but she never thought it would be of Arrow. The draconian equine was in absolute disbelief about her brother's response, even when he's lost who he used to be, he always seems to be the one to try and cheer HER up. She's never seen him like this and it was pointless to hide the disgust of whatever illness was corrupting him. But soon, she gets a hoof on her shoulder as Reina looks down to Rosie as she gives a warm smile to reassure her. It works… But only a little, after all, no greater concern exists besides the worry of a loved one.

End of Chapter 1
This story was a little piece of inspiration during my time writing it for the event Nanowrimo. I simply wanted to see how it holds up as a story of my OC and his friends/family. 

The two other characters presented here are OCs of my beloved sisters:
-Reina Northstar: TwiliDragonRin…
-Rosie Quills: PrincessLucina06

Can I have it...?
I have never really done a picture for friend my friend Specter so I thought I'd do something funny for him and his hipster krypto


No~! Besides, I've been interested in their old house.
Guys, my GF Lavina Everlove is doing pony commissions and they're pretty good if I do say so myself. Please guys go check her out, he truly is amazing. I'm just passing the word along.

Lavina's Contacts
embedded_item1546668684817 by TravelingArrow


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