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Foam Cyborg Arm Tutorial

By Traumagician
I had a fair number of people asking me how I made the borg arm for my Vriska cosplay, so I went ahead and made this tutorial thing. Here's to hoping that people find it useful! Now, I know that this tutorial is very poorly arranged, so if you've got any questions, fire away and I'll answer as best I can. And if you do anything with this, I'd be thrilled to take a look at it!

I used a couple of tutorials for this myself, specifically Anniina85's stocking arm tutorial and Amethyst Angel's plastic automail tutorial.

EDIT: Oh man, this thing is so full of typos. I'm gonna have to fix those at some point.

Part one of stocking arm tutorial:
Part two of stocking arm tuturial:
Amethyst Angel's Automail full tutorial:…
Amethyst Angel's Automail parts directory:…
My forearm piece:
My upper arm piece:
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Ravenhowl's avatar
kick arse arm, hope mines comes out so well
xXMapleSenpaiXx's avatar
Thank gog I found this when I did-

I'm getting all of my supplies to work on my Vriska cosplay ^ ^ 
DoktorSick's avatar
dead80s's avatar
Oh my goodness, fucking awesome tutorial!!! I'm planning on making automail soon and have been looking for something with everything in one place... thank you so much!!
Gonna be cosplaying Mccree at Comic Con. Making a metal arm was something that was giving me a problem, but thanks to this, I now have a way to start. Thanks so much for posting this!
theguyintheworks's avatar
I just need a cyborg eye and a Mech for my life to be complete. Or an despatch, that seems
Poopin-Sack's avatar
welp, time to go foam shopping!
Traumagician's avatar
Haha, indeed. Best of luck on your cosplay!
Poopin-Sack's avatar
wait a second... this tutorial can actually help me create an aradiabot or brobot cosplay oh my god O-O
Traumagician's avatar
Yep- it's a pretty basic foam armor tutorial, suitable for all of your robot/cyborg/plate armor needs. Once you get the technique down, you can do a whole lot of stuff with it. : )
TheGothWeaboo306's avatar
Thanks! I'm cosplaying as Vriska, and I'll definitely need this.
Traumagician's avatar
You're very welcome! I hope you find it helpful.
Electric-seafoam's avatar
OMG this is amazing. The templates are a little small but that's hardly a complaint. Thx.
Traumagician's avatar
Haha, you're welcome. I hope you can get some use out of it!

Yeah, the templates are a little iffy- I use different ones these days. I'll upload my new ones eventually, but until I do, it's just these ones, I'm afraid. If they're too small, you can always adjust the image scale.
rulerofdimensionx's avatar
Is there a way in which you can just make the glove and not the whole arm piece? 
I wasn't sure if they all had to be connected or not. 
Traumagician's avatar
Yeah, you can absolutely make just the glove- in fact, Anniina85's tutorial is all about making the glove on its own. I added armor onto mine because I wanted it to look more 3-D and robotic, but the armor definitely doesn't have to be connected to the glove. Anniina's tutorial is below. : )…

Does that answer your question?
rulerofdimensionx's avatar
I actually meant like without the whole arm bit and just up to just past the wrist? Like with the armor and all If yknow what I mean?
But the link you gave is actually something I've been looking for to make the base so thank you :)
Traumagician's avatar
So, you want to have the hand armored, but not the rest of the arm? You could totally do that. None of the armor pieces are connected to the other armor pieces; they're just Velcroed onto the glove. So if you want to make just a handplate and fingerplates, that definitely won't hurt anything. Well, the handplate itself is attached to all the fingerplates, but other than that none of the armor pieces are attached to eachother.

Sorry I misunderstood you the first time around. Glad you found the link helpful, at least. xD Let me know if you have any other questions!
rulerofdimensionx's avatar
Yeah, but I understand what you mean. I'll just follow along and see how it goes. 
But that's fine the help is greatly appreciated, if I do come across with anything else I'll be sure to ask. 
Thank you so much Hug 
derpypineapple's avatar
I probably missed it, but how did you get the robo arm to stay on your arm/armsock?
Traumagician's avatar
Sorry for the late reply! The forearm piece and handplate are attached to the sock with self-adhesive Velcro strips, and the bicep piece is tight enough that it stays in place on its own. In this picture I just have the armsock safety-pinned to my shirt to keep it from slipping down, but these days I use an elastic harness of sorts instead.
iiPocket's avatar
waa this is just what I needed ; W;
It looks cool and easy to do! Well at least I think it will be easy? XD
thanks for the amazing tutorial ^O^
Traumagician's avatar
I'm glad it looks useful to you, haha. It's a pretty simple process, yeah, but it can be rather time-consuming and tedious (especially when you're working on the fingerplates and the glove.)
You're very welcome! If you have any questions or anything, feel free to ask me. : )
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