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By trasigpenna
small sterek comic... thing.. i did this in december.

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Does anyone see the smug look on Derkeks face?
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So cute, but wouldn't Stiles hear Derek coming since snow makes footsteps loud? -gets slapped by an anonymous fan-

Anon: Do not question Sterek laws of fiction!
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Soooooo adorableee aaahhhh 
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It's so cute *.*
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So adorable!! Go super stealthy Derek!
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oww so cute i love it Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] 
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Lol! That's cute & funny!
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Cute Sterek fanart such as this one makes it harder and harder for me to resist shipping them
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do not resist, they are meant to be shipped I am a dummy! 
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Why the hell not I ship them!
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Looks like Stiles is the one that didn't know whathit him! XD
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Awwww its too cute. :)
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Surprise attack!!!
Oh! :) That's great! I love that! That's so cute!!
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Ahh! do sfotsblr!
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sfotsblr?  :I 
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i meant to say

" So Adorable!!!"

I guess from how inlove with it i was, i didn't notice that i had my fingers wrong on the keyboard the whole time
hahah xDD i was one key space away xDD pinky instead of on A, began with S
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hahaha ok xD was pretty confused there for a while 
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(You is very talented at drawing o.o)
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That is so cute!!:happybounce: 
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