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purple hair

woho purple!!
this is featured here -----> [link] <----
i editet the eyecolor and the shinig in the hair with open canvas
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this is such a perfect color :)
what brand did you use and what shade ?
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Nice colour, so rich. I am thinking I might try like a plum colour so its not to standing out but so its not light (I don't think light purple looks good).
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i had my hair like that once!! well diferent tone but purple indeed! i loved it!
great pic! looks fantastic!
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purple is great. I have my hair purple again at the moment ^^
Fern-mekishi-ko's avatar
that is so awesome!!!
haha i wish i did! but i think blonde is next for me!
exuse me, but I've got to buy some purple hair dye now...
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Did you use manic panic?
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no it was directions ^^
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Wow :) Your hair is gorgeous!
I'm going to dye my hair that color next week :) What dye did you use?
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its Plum from Directions, and it turns out best when you bleach your hair first ^^
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Looks a little bit like Avril Lavigne :x
I love your Hair *-*
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wow.. I was thinking of dying my hair this colour but I'm scared I'll ruin it because I've never dyed it before :(
btw, it looks awesome ^^
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it depends on your naturall hair color, ^^ if its a dark color you should better not try it because your hair could break off before its blond enoug. :/ but if you have blond or dark blond, its better if it has never been dyed,^^ my hair was so often dyed before it has everywhere different colors when i bleach it i hate that >.<
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damn.. my hair is a really really dark brown :/
TrashyTrinket's avatar
hm :/
a friend of mine had the same problem because she wanted white hair ._.
but dark brown is actually a nice natural haircolor ^^
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yeah... but i really want purple highlights! :L Or I was thinking I could just ombre it?
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of course you can dye your hair purple, it just needs to be medium blonde and when you put the purple dye over it it doesn't matter ^^ I had purple hair 2 times, I always used the color "Plum" from Directions :D
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That color is awesome! Your eyes are pretty too! (:
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i have to wait to dye my hair because they won't allow it in school
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