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Hey y’all, it’s ya boi, back with more attention seeking uwu
I think G+ is dying but if you wanna see my vent content maybe hit mine up lmao
I’m just gonna give a general warning of this: if you’re sensitive to disturbing images, general NSFW topics, or teenage angst and horniness, maybe ignore this-

Just hit it up pls I want attention lolfollow my Google+ maybe?? by TrashyLazuli
Hello all! Since I've recently lost my job, I need to earn more money. So, I'm opening up stamp commissions!

Each stamp will cost 10Points. I'm willing to most stamps, so long as I don't need to use anyone else's art. 
I would prefer to steer away from political and hateful stamps, but I'm willing to make just about any other kind!

Please PM me if you'd like a commission! Just please don't contact me if you can't/don't want to pay. Thank you.