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Manga Brushes Teaser Final

To buy the FULL 49 BRUSH SET CAN BE PURCHASED THROUGH PAYPAL! If you're interested in getting the set send me a message. I accept paypal and then I email the brush set to you to the address of your choice (it's almost christmas, it makes a good gift)

Set is only 7$ and it will save you a lot of grief; this is a brush set no digitial manga artist can really afford to be without. One sheet of tone is 4 dollars, it's hard to use and massy. It can take hours to do cross hatching the old fashioned way if you don't wreck your paper to begin with. These brushes will pay for themselves with your first project!!!

DISCLAIMER! -03-10-10-
NOTE: Brush set WILL ONLY WORK IN CS or above! If you use elements or still have Photoshop 7 or one of the older versions this won't work in your program. I will not do refunds if you buy brushes after this point and they don't work in your old version of photoshop.
--3 cross hatch brushes (one loose and messy, two tight hatches with one lighter and one the full 7 stroke)
--1 instant speed line brush
--1 stipple effect brush
--2 textured tone brush (one to mimic 'gauze patting' which manga artists use and one to mimic a cloudly sand tone effect)

Seriously, how many people have the time to do page after page of full 7 point cross hatching in real ink like the pros?! Just one swipe of the brush and you're done!!!

Anyway, you can download the teaser file which as a sampler of a few of the brushes (one cross hatch, one speed line, one stipple, and a few others) to get a taste. If you like why not get the full version?

If you don't want to buy from Turbosquid or Renderosity I can also do paypal; just note me, pay me and you get the full set emailed to you. Easy as pie.

UPDATE: now up for download with DA points; if it doesn't work email me @ rahartman AT with DA TROUBLE as your header
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Bien por los pinceles.

gracias por compartir!

bellissimi grazie!!!!!!!!

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Let's see what they can do! (Or what I can do with them :D )

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hey @ me when you do! I love to see how people use them. I'm going to start making brushes for Clip Studio and gradients soon as well. I like these tho because I made them on old school photoshop so they work on the new stuff

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Sounds fresh! Cuz I am just transitioning from PS to Clip Studio! :D

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alguien me los podría pasar para clip studio? :c no los encuentro

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Same. Trying to move my making away from Adobe as much as possible

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Understandable, although PS has some functionalities that other programs don't have and I don't want to miss.

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They might work not in Clip Studio

Excellent, tHanx a lot..:)

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Used again here: Queen of Squirrels by Cundrie-la-Surziere
Please tell me if you want to stop my informations. Currently I'm addicted to your wonderful and very useful brushes! :D
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Used it here again:  What's going on there? by Cundrie-la-Surziere and here: Rendezvous by Cundrie-la-Surziere
For my purposes it works very well in Photoshop Elements 14.
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Looks great! Glad they are comparable
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Thank you very much for the comment and for the brushes :rose:
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Used your teaser here:   Happy Birthday by Cundrie-la-Surziere
Great brushes! 
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sure whatever. You wanna buy these bad ass brushes or not?
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Fuck. DA won't accept my card, or my other card. WTF. Renderosity no longer hosts these
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sorry for the delay, was off the grid! PM me and i"ll help you out
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I got your reply and note. Thanks for responding and you'll be seeing me in about 5 days! Can't wait!!! :eager::happybounce:
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