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Makoto [Sukina-Yo-Ni] app
[Update] I've tackled the corrections! 

this is finally done....i cry. 

[ General Information ]

Name: Ikehara, Makoto

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Birthday: 29th October

Ethnicity: Japanese.

Height: 6’2

[ Character Stats ]

Strength: 6 (+2= 8)

Dexterity: 4

Endurance: 3 (+4= 7)

Charisma: 7

Total: 20 (+6)

[ Clan Information ]

Family: Shisai

Title: N/A

Position: Kyodai/Underling

Fighting Style: Beast

Weapon: N/A

Day Job: Aide to priests and monks.

[ Personality ]


Makoto is a very professional and disciplined man with a lot of ambition and drive to get his work done, as it’s incredibly important to him. He’s charismatic in his own friendly and welcoming way, but this facade hides a lot of anger and emotional instability that, while he’s been able to rein this back, he’s never truly dealt with it in a healthy manner. Makoto is a very secretive and independent person and while this has served him well, it’s isolated him from developing lasting relationships beyond clientele; he just doesn’t trust people due to his past experiences. Religion is very important to him and this has made him superstitious in order to give some sort of purpose to his life. Ultimately, he is opportunistic but reckless in the same vein.

  • Charismatic (Makoto’s charisma is not traditional. While he might not be elaborately extroverted or have flirtiness dripping from his tongue, his friendliness is welcoming and charming. He seems open, and while that might not be the case, it certainly seems so.)

  • Polite (Makoto tries his best to be sensible and polite to the people he meets, and especially to show such politeness towards clients.)

  • Disciplined (Makoto is ridiculously disciplined when it comes to himself and how he acts. He always  tries to remind himself of the proper way to hold himself, and will scold himself when he does slip up.)

  • Ambitious (Makoto is extremely ambitious, and has the drive to achieve. He constantly wants to get further than where he already is. He is absolutely defined by his drive.)

  • Hard-working (As mentioned previously, Makoto not only has the drive but is able to get on with practically working for his goals too. He’s known for a long time that he has to fight for what he has and it’s only going to benefit him later on if he’s able to work now.)

  • Cunning (With his politeness and very amiable personality, Makoto is able to get away with how cunning he is, he has a sharp eye and ear for details and he uses it all to his advantage. Makoto is a very intelligent individual.)

  • Opportunistic (He will absolutely jump for opportunities that come his way. He’s very ready to chase anything that comes his way, and isn’t too intimidated to accept what comes his way.)

= Superstitious 
(Makoto is a very superstitious person, he has extensive knowledge of the supernatural, charms, what is good or bad luck and he follows that to an extreme degree. While it comforts him and gives meaning to his life on a subconscious level, it can hinder him and hold him back tremendously due to how hung up he is on following all these superstitions.)

= Survivalist (Makoto is a survivalist through and through, he will fight when he feels threatened and this survivalist sense has protected him throughout all the troubles he has gotten into. However, it’s important to note that how survivalist he is has held him back because he’s hyper-fixated on possible dangers even when they don’t exist. He is too ready to fight.)

= Independent (Makoto has needed to be independent for a lot of his life, especially with his singer mother needing support for the family and the lack of a second parent until later in his teen years. It meant that Makoto needed to step up and be able to handle things on his own, and he’s very good at it. The issue is that now he isn’t so sure how to let other people do things for him or on his part, he’s left a little confused and it can result in him still trying to micromanage it.)

= Self-control (Makoto has a lot of self-control over his very intense emotions, he’s able to keep his cool with only his hands giving him away due to how they can shake sometimes when he’s overwhelmed. But this blessing can also be a big issue due to how his emotions can boil over and become worse, especially when regarding his anger. It can only become worse.)

- Anger Issues (Makoto has overwhelming anger issues, while it takes a trained eye to spot it in public, it can explode when he’s alone or not careful. Tables can get overturned, objects can be broken in his fits of anger- nothing is safe and his lack of regarding his anger has only made it so much worse. You can see this anger in his fighting style, especially in how unkempt and quick it is to trigger. While he has developed a lot of self-control over his anger issues, partly due to his discipline, but they're still there and they negatively affect Makoto's mental health.)

Distrustful (Makoto is a very distrustful person, and it can isolate him quite quickly. It makes him avoid making close relations and it’s meant that Makoto has been very lonely for a long time, he just can’t bring himself to put that trust in someone else.)

- Jealous (Due to his ambitious nature, he naturally gets jealous of others quite quickly. This can lead to a lot of resentment as well as Makoto wishing he has what they have, rather childishly.)

- Defensive (He’s quite naturally defensive due to the way he managed to survive, but this has left him quite protective of himself. Whenever someone criticizes him he can’t shake the feeling of how much it reminds him of his biological father, Kentaro.)

- Dishonest (Makoto is very dishonest not only with others but with himself too about what he’s internally dealing with. On top of that, he has been using how professional he comes across as an excuse to constantly lie to others, convincing himself that he needs the facade.)

Power-hungry (As an after effect of how driven he is, Makoto has this insatiable urge to achieve what he has set out to achieve. He always has to have more of it, and regards himself as somewhat unstoppable in that matter.)

Reckless (In Makoto’s endeavors to achieve what he wants he’s become ridiculously reckless in his actions. Since his teenage years, he’s been able to commit risky actions but it often has ended him in trouble or hurt, yet he can’t stop his impulse.)

Likes & Dislikes:


  • Religious events/rituals  (they really comfort Makoto).

  • Suits

  • Magpies

  • Fashion

  • Alcohol (he’s had quite a taste for it recently.)

  • Fancy cuisine


  • Warm weather

  • Peaches (he hates the texture of them, they’re too sweet and feel weird).

  • Not being ready on time

  • Mystery books (it’s not really his genre)

  • Breaking his nose (Makoto has had a lot of experiences with it, and it’s just painful and a bit messy).

[ History ]

Makoto knew he wasn’t important from a young age. He grew up in a poorer neighborhood to a single mother (Hinata Ikehara) who struggled to find secretarial work to support her child after being left alone without support by her boss - and lover - Kentaro Harada. Naturally, Makoto didn’t meet his father during his formative years (It didn’t look good for a married man like Kentaro to have an illegitimate child, especially with his pristine reputation as an important figurehead at his pharmaceutical company) -- but that didn’t stop him from being sickly curious about the topic, much to Hinata’s dismay.  At most, until the age of ten Kentaro would grace Makoto with minutes of phone call conversations that left him less satisfied than he expected. And yet, life went on for him and he had to dredge through school with a heavy heart but… sweet home life with his mother.

Makoto was a nightmare at school. He would severely act out when he couldn’t understand a topic and often could be found misbehaving with his other classmates (even getting violent with the kids he didn’t like). He wasn’t receptive to the environment and it made him more and more angry in ways he didn’t understand himself. It’s very obvious that Makoto had behavioral issues that his mother was too busy and stressed to deal with properly, and so they escalated. By age 13 Makoto had gotten himself involved with some seniors and began skipping school entirely; he became a delinquent very easily, slipping into the role and just embracing that he wasn’t going to get anywhere in life (but he didn’t care that much anyway, he would convince himself). His mother was at the end of her tether with him but he simply ignored it, despite how much he cared about her.

…And then he saw him. Not in crumpled pictures he found in the bin, nor in praising newspaper articles but in person; Kentaro Harada.  It had to be him- but when Makoto approached him he was met with being ignored and the older man rushing to his car just a little bit faster. His questions were left unanswered and that made Makoto so angry. So he would watch him from the city, recognise his number plate and behaviour to follow him, in an unhealthy endeavour to get...closure? An explanation? Just -- anything more than a phone call. He was determined. He found his house address and broke in using what his senior friends had taught him-- and found a beautiful, functioning home. Pictures littered everywhere of the happy family, rooms for two children about his age- and Makoto felt wanting yet again. Jealous, with nobody in until the older man finally came home from work.

Kentaro was less than happy and met his son’s demands with snarky responses and rather hostile reactions- and told him rather bluntly that he was not owed anything. But before Makoto could break anything expensive, Kentaro decided to try to soothe him with something else- an exchange. For not being here for him he could give him something even more valuable in his opinion: advice. Advice on how to dress, how to behave, advice on how to be successful and do something with his life. Stuff for this troubled teenager to adhere to and live by, a way for him to understand the world better. Instead of screaming at him, something clicked in Makoto’s head. It all made sense, these tenants that Kentaro had given him. Fate had been a sore subject for him in the past in how deterministic it was for kids like him, but he believed from the bottom of his heart that fate had brought him to heart that night.

So he calmed himself down, dried his tears and left his father’s house with his head spinning with thoughts. By 17 he decided he wanted to follow this advice on his own terms, to bring it to a delinquent life he knew very well -- but be successful. Just like his father, but this time he would help his mother. He pushed all his emotions to the back of his head and put his determination (something Kentaro begrudgingly complimented him on) to making a name in the criminal underworld. He wanted to be someone important in a world he respected, regardless of what society told him was wrong. He began a small drug-selling operation in his area but it grew and grew, the more traction it was gaining the more he knew he was doing something right. Makoto used the pharmaceutical knowledge he got from Kentaro too- possibly a gross misuse of it but it only made him more successful; it’s very safe to say Makoto has learnt his trade and the business of it, inside and out.

Makoto had made a bit of a name for himself, so much so that he gained the Shisai family’s attention for how much business had been coming his way. Kazue even came to see him himself, finally meeting him when they were both at a black market business gathering. Kazue toyed with Makoto and offered the possibility of working for them (due to Makoto’s drug expertise and evident reputation); and yet again Makoto was met with the overwhelming idea that this was fate coming to help him again. He couldn’t have accepted the offer faster.

Makoto thinks the yakuza are the next step to success in his trade, he wants to expand and he’s genuinely excited to be part of something this big. He truly believes fate has brought him here.

[ Trivia ]

  • Makoto’s Gender identity:

    • Makoto is afab and has presented as female until he reached his mid-teenage years. While he has never felt comfortable with his sex, he understands that this society won’t accept him fully just yet. When he began his business with the criminal underworld and black market he began presenting as male and never looked back. He is very stealth about not being a cis guy, and has only told his mother (who has hesitantly accepted after a while) and Kentaro, who still does not really approve (especially presenting as male).

  • Religion/Superstition:

    • Makoto has always been somewhat religious but the manifestation of his superstition did not appear until he met his father, where he couldn’t shake the spiritual feeling off what had happened (Something he believes to be fate). He’s a very passionate believer and has a lot of respect for traditions and religious customs. A lot of his tattoos are themed around fate and it’s inevitability but also the life it can bring out of it.

:new: 15.1.17

Hello, students and watchers of Lantana-Academy!

We’re pleased to announce our SECOND OPENING PERIOD will begin next month! Students who were unsuccessful in their application in September, who want to submit a second character, or new watchers are more than welcome to apply for their own place within the Academy as our second half of the first year begins.

This opening period will last from 00:00 WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 1ST to 23:59 FRIDAY FEBRUARY 17TH, GMT-7 (West Coast Time).

To reflect this, from now - RESERVATIONS ARE OPEN for this opening!!!!
Note: We expect a significant imbalance between more witch applications and less beast applications, due to the way our opening worked last time. If you’re unsure, we would advise viewing the reservations and maybe applying for a beast - otherwise we may have to ask you to switch your character over to a different classification.

In addition to this, we will also be holding a short APP CHECK period! From JANUARY 28TH to JANUARY 31ST, we will allow our most eager beavers to note their finished applications to us for us to look over and correct. After the opening begins, however, we will not be doing app checks - so if you’re especially unsure about your character, getting their app done early may be the best thing to do!

Thank you for your patience! We’re extremely excited to see a crowd of fresh faces. :heart: Good luck! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

- Sieg :new:

[ With an easy and soft halt, the boat stopped- the boat staff rush around you to set up a path to the dockside. Within moments you have found yourself surrounded by familiar faces-

The beautiful Risana docks greet you with lanterns, creating a path seemingly into the woodland with lights- but before any of you are fully onto the beach before the forest- the megaphone speakers turn on with a soft rock tune.

Your attention is grabbed and it isn’t long before a strong voiced Russian with a thick accent begins to speak over the microphone ]

“Could I make the ann-      oh it's on! Good Evening our darling prospects!”  [a bubbling excitement in the tone]  “- We hope your journey here was lovely! The weather is wonderfully pleasant as of late- ah, but more importantly- “ [louder, grander]Welcome to Lantana academy!”

“We sure hope you packed your toothbrushes and other little essentials!”    [at first a joke but then much more quietly]  “- but if not then we will happily provide anything you may need, although it may be a little less personal- “

“We are oh so happy to have you all here- so thank you all once again- but for now you will need to make your way to the school for a more orthodox welcome”  [ a chuckle]

“Follow the path into the forest- the lanterns will guide you to the academy campus-, We the staff are out to greet you on the Common Grounds- right in the center of the academy.  Good luck and don’t get lost please~!”          

[ a pause- silence, before the voice returns with a worried tone]  “Ahhh for those afraid of the dark please consider pairing up with a buddy for the way there-     -see you all soon! Eren how do you turn this off- “    

[ With a faint laugh, the microphone finally stops]



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I'm trash and I like to draw.


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