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Donate here for commissions and adopts and such
Or if you just feel like it
That would be nice, too

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i have an art addiction

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if a hamburger is made of beef then shouldnt a turkeyburger be made of chicken

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Emily | She/They | Ace

Hi, I'm Trash, and I'm just your average artist. I like memes n' things. I do commissions and stuff, too, because I'm a broke lil trashcan. Some various interests of mine include Homestuck, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Steven Universe, Doki Doki Literature Club, Cucumber Quest, and Splatoon. Most of my time is spent either on here, on Pokefarm, on Youtube, or just drawing.

ftu | plant-like divider by LlSTBird Palsftu | plant-like divider 2 by LlST

Jaystarthecat, Lady-Rosalina, and RibbonTheLion are all super rad and you should go look at them and support them

if youre looking for an art trade, please ask me first :)

My Rules
Failure to follow these rules may result in me not accepting commissions from you again in the future.
  1. The prices are pay-what-you-want, but I would rather not go any lower than what the base price is. ^^'
  2. Please include an IMAGE REFERENCE or a DETAILED DESCRIPTION with your order! :3
  3. If the art is taking a long time to complete (like,,, a week or more,, usually i do commissions on weekends) you can ask me via notes how it is going! However, keep in mind that I am a high school student so things are obviously going to take longer sometimes, and it is not always under my control whether I am able to get in done quickly or not.
  4. Use it wherever you like, on-site or off-site, but please credit back to my DA page! (or my toyhouse, if you're going to put it there)
  5. I would really prefer all payment to be after the sketch, but if you really want, you can do half before and half after for point commissions. However, in the event that you are using Paypal as payment, all payment upfront is required.
  6. You have 72 hours/3 days to pay me after the agreed date of payment passes. If there is a problem and you will be away/unable to pay for a while, please contact me BEFOREHAND so I can hold off on posting it until you get back, and I do not have to mark you down as someone who did not pay.
  7. You can cancel at any time, though if I have already started you will have the option of getting the unfinished piece for part of the price, depending on how much is already done. You can refuse this if you want, but you cannot get it for free.
  8. For sketches, after I show you the sketch, you can tell me if anything needs to be changed. You will get 2 major edits (very dramatic pose changes, not just a simple change of hand placement) before it will cost a little bit extra. Note that these do not apply if I forgot something specific about a character's design! If I forget to add, say, a character's accessories, those edits will not count towards the edit limit because those are mistakes on my part.
There isn't necessarily a form for these, but if you do order, please include:
Character along with references (desc. of their personality helps, too)
Digital or Traditional
Headshot, Half-body, or Full-body
Total amount of points
(optional) Pose/Expression

Will/Won't Do
Will Do:
  • Animals/Pokemon
  • Humans (best at)
  • Humanoids (best at)
  • Anthros/Furries
  • Gore
Will Not Do:
  • NSFW of any kind
  • Hate art
  • Super Complicated Characters (unsure? just ask!)
Types of Orders
Here's a few recent examples of my art style and such! It fluctuates a bit sometimes, but I hope you get the general idea.
Dreams come true, Susie... by Trashcan711 Diara Reference by Trashcan711 Pokefarm Contest Entry: Chandelure by Trashcan711

(sorry if paypal prices are a bit weird its just easier to price them that way sldkljh
as you can tell some of these are just too cheap to have a paypal price, so thats why they dont have one lol)

These are done in my sketchbook and can generally get done much quicker! They are not colored, though. Just black and white.
Headshot: 3Points 
Half-body: 5Points 
Full-body: 8Points 
+Shading: 5Points 
+Extra character: add however many Points the original is (ex. two half-body characters would be 10Points)  

These are done, as you may have guessed... digitally. They take a lil longer. They are colored!
Headshot: 20Points 
Half-body: 35Points 
Full-body: 50Points - $3 USD
+Simple Shading: 15Points - $0.15 USD
+Complex Shading: 25Points - $0.25 USD
+Complex Backgrounds: 5-20Points - $0.05-0.20 USD depending on complexity... (note: if it's a single-color background or a gradient or something like that then it's free! an example of a complex background would be, like, scenery, or some design in the background. simple patterns will usually be 5-8, complex patterns are 9-10, simple scenery is 11-15, and complex scenery with foregrounds and backgrounds is 16-20. ask if you're unsure!) 
+Extra character: same as traditional, add however many points it is for that type

Reference Sheets
Front only: 70Points - $4 USD
Front and Back: 100 Points - $5 USD
+Extra detail drawings (like earrings, badges, etc): 5Points - $0.05 USD
+Extra headshots: 10 Points - $0.10 USD
+Extra halfbodies: 20Points - $0.20 USD
+Extra fullbodies (like for outfits and stuff): 35Points - $0.50 USD
Please tell me any info you would like on the reference sheet as well!

so yeah das it. there's not really a limit to how many people can order at once, though if it gets out of hand i'll have to limit the slots. sharing this around amongst your groups/friends is not required, but very much appreciated!


just came back from my first actual art class outside of school and i already feel enlightened
as soon as i walk in i see invader zim playing on a big screen. yes
the teacher is so savage and its so refreshing?? its great to finally have an art teacher that actually wants me to improve and tells me how to do it, instead of just "oh you're doing great keep it up"
also there had pizza for everyone so that was nice.
side note?? turns out one of the people my sister hangs around with at school is an art thief/tracer. and its so obvious. but nobody gets it.
i have experienced something great
so this week our school is doing something to celebrate homecoming or whatever, and every day has a sort of theme
today's theme was characters, so,,, basically it was "do whatever you want" day
and this senior girl in my animation class was wearing a rainbow flag cape, and when someone asked who she was supposed to be, she said "i am the gay agenda", t-posed, and ran out of the room, trailing her gay cape behind her majestically
she is such a lesbian icon for our school its great
i just finished watching detroit: become human and im crying this game is beautiful
i hope when i get back into a digital art mood i'll draw fanart because h o o  b o y
animal crossing has always been a depression relief so i need this game. i n e ed it


Trashcan711's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
i'm a lonely bird-lover who lives in a trashcan
My pixel icon was done by skribblepixie!! :3

My personal to-do list! (Might do these out of order depending on ease/personal priority)
there is no order. all is chaos. i do things when i do things.


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