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!!!COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN!!! by XxBattleLionessxX !!!COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN!!! :iconxxbattlelionessxx:XxBattleLionessxX 100 74 Goth makeup design by everyonewearsamask Goth makeup design :iconeveryonewearsamask:everyonewearsamask 1 0 I Am What I Am by everyonewearsamask I Am What I Am :iconeveryonewearsamask:everyonewearsamask 8 1
I Don't Care Who You Are...
I don't care if you're...
Male or Female,
Old or Young,
Gay or Straight,
Loud or Quiet,
Short or Tall,
Skinny or Big,
Religious or Atheist.
If you treat me like a friend, I'll treat you the exact same way back. Everyone deserves to be loved, and everyone needs a friend.
:iconkabi29:Kabi29 3 2
Valentine poem by everyonewearsamask Valentine poem :iconeveryonewearsamask:everyonewearsamask 2 0 Be My Valentine. by everyonewearsamask Be My Valentine. :iconeveryonewearsamask:everyonewearsamask 2 0
My beautiful girl
My head is filled with doubt
It bubbles up inside
Adding pressure to my skull
As though it's ready to burst
My heart is beating through my throat
And out of my ears
I'm terrified
Terrified to be rejected
Terrified that you are not as I thought you were
Terrified that I will not be as you thought I was
Terrified that this will all fall apart because of me, once more
But I talk to you
And your lips send a wave of calm over my head
No more are my thoughts screaming
And my brows furrowed
Your lungs send surges of energy through your fingers
To me
And I receive you
I am ready
For this I will fight
I am ready
For myself and a future life
I am ready
And I know though we may not be close
And our teeth may be clenched shut,
I am yours
And you are mine
And I am ready to be tested
I am ready to be strong
I am ready to fight
And I will not go out dying this time
I must try
I must do
I will learn to love myself
For you, and for all those who love me
As mu
:iconeveryonewearsamask:everyonewearsamask 4 0
Star Island
     Kabi shoved her shoulder against the door, zombies pounded on the outside, making the door shiver, and start to splinter. She looked up at the ceiling, where a tile was pulled back, and several pairs of gleaming eyes could be seen from the shadows.
      A paw emerged from the shadows, it's fingers extended as if Kabi was to grab it.
"Hurry Kabi. The door is going to break, and all the zombies will get in. You'll get bit or eaten" Said a soft voice, which had come from the shadows.
      Kabi twitched her black and white tipped tail, a frown upon her face as she shook her head. "I'm sorry… I…." She paused for a moment. "This is my end… I cannot go any farther…."
      A face poked from the shadows, it was a brown she-wolf fur, and her green eyes gleamed with worry. "Stop joking around, Kabi" She said, a hint of a nervous laugh in her voice, "Now isn't the time for that"
:iconkabi29:Kabi29 1 6
Everyone by Kabi29 Everyone :iconkabi29:Kabi29 2 0 Puppy Maker by Kamirah Puppy Maker :iconkamirah:Kamirah 22,529 6,488 Me and Tyquin(Formerly Okami) by Kabi29 Me and Tyquin(Formerly Okami) :iconkabi29:Kabi29 2 2 More Genderbend by Kabi29 More Genderbend :iconkabi29:Kabi29 3 3 Cub Creator - Big cats by Kamirah Cub Creator - Big cats :iconkamirah:Kamirah 8,306 4,016 Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah by Kabi29 Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah :iconkabi29:Kabi29 3 1 Kabi, why are you so blind??? by Kabi29 Kabi, why are you so blind??? :iconkabi29:Kabi29 3 6 Let Go of The Past... by Kabi29 Let Go of The Past... :iconkabi29:Kabi29 2 0


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United States
Name's Tyquin, a wolf furry. I'm stubborn and quiet around people. I don't like crowds or lots of people in one room/area for that matter. Sometimes even like three people is too much. But when I'm with friends I can be loud. I'm antisocial most of the time around people I don't know but completely opposite of that with my friends. My home life and my being with friends life is pretty much two different people. I hope you guys enjoy my poems and art. But no hate alright guys? I don't take any of that. I'm who I am and no one can change that
Left alone
My thoughts taunting me
Left alone
Something that shouldn't happen these days

I look around
No one I talk to
I know people
But I'm not popular enough
Good enough
To talk to any of them

I'm still afraid
Afraid of myself
Afraid of others
Afraid of so much

And yet
There is no comfort
Not the medication
Or the people
Or the other thoughts
Only cuts
Only cuts

Sitting on this bench
Left with my thoughts as my only company

I shouldn't
But I want to
I shouldn't
But I need to

Just one more
But then there are so many
I don't know what to do
How did they become of plenty?


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