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Ayyy! I'm Piranha, people call me "Purr" for short. I draw things on the soft, plumper side. I'm pretty quiet and shy, never really make the first move for socialization (outside of close pals).

Purple Star 6/19/2021 Red Star I DO NOT POST HERE ANYMORE!! It's been a fun run. Been on DA since I was 13 and kind of lingered due to nostalgia. I think the permanence of the ugly layout finally sunk in and I'm ready to let go unless DA provides better features. All I will say is that I will not be making any new accounts of any kind on this site. You can find me on Furaffinity or Twitter under the same UN as here! I should also clarify that I will not be signing in here anymore, either! Not a fan of the community here. Never have been. This is not a place to contact me. If you have a problem with me, my art, or whatever please actually make the effort to contact me somewhere I'm actually active or else your "problem" is null and void and not actually a problem that's important. Thank you!