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Mature Content

Strange Maid Dreams - Male by MentalCrash

Mature Content

Good Boy by MentalCrash
Maid to Order by MentalCrash
Bunboy Maid by MentalCrash
Female Trans - FAN ART
Leggy Gothic-Bunnyboy by FemBoyWorld
Xiao maid #2 by 0mkacat
Commission: lady ranma by selene-bunny
Fox by latard
Trans - OCs and OC Fanart

Mature Content

Night of Passion Ver.CEN by MMVDeepBride
Happy Easter 2022!! by Gwazdka

Mature Content

Futa OC by Kan0-kun
Bubblegum Bi*** by AlbaVulpes666
Crossdressing Characters

Mature Content

The Dominatrix's Receptionist by MentalCrash
Summer Fun - Lyle by Lysum01
Daughters Spell Practice by MentalCrash
Boy oh Femboy! by MentalCrash
Male Trans -Fan art or Original

Mature Content

Gabriel (Helmet Trade) by Mark-MrHiDE-Patten
Ella Hollywood Movie Poster by shibawizart
Asier by emayuku
Haku loves Zabuza by peachhag
Other? androgynous, genderbend, non binary

Mature Content

x x by KharzyART
Long Haired Kharzy by KharzyART
Astolfo by KharzyART
Myrtle 2 by WolfmanTTA
Sketch and Scraps
rkgk 15092022 by KharzyART

Mature Content

[Commission] Milf and trap, page 2 by MystWell

Mature Content

[Commission] Milf and trap, page 1 by MystWell
CLOSED YCH Auctions - Popsicle goodness by Joltikon


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Place your content in a suitable group
maybe one of these are the one for your drawing

Instructions (FAQ)

I personally don't like the group being called "Trap-Character", most people don't enjoy this term anymore, I wasn't the one that created the group, but unfortunately I can't change the name of the group.

Don't send us all your work, please limit yourself to your greatest works.
We accept what we accept without answering questions, so if your artwork isn't accepted at first try again with something better.

Firstly, what are Trap characters?
- Trap characters are androgynous characters which usually can't be associated with a specific cisgender. In most animes, they are cis boys, since they don't consider themselves trans girls.
- We don't consider "trap" an offensive term. Or at least we try to not consider, since we can't change the name of the group. They usually are sweet and loved anime characters.
- We have a separate folder for "reverse trap" (transgender boys)
- Drawings submitted must meet a certain standard of quality.
... - ... Decent anatomy is usually required (find some tutorials on DA to help you out)
... - ... A sense of originality - meaning you don't drawn on a base or submit many similar images/drawings (pick your best/favorite)


Due to the interest and opinions of our community we also have a lot of Cross-dressing and similar


Please don't submit pictures that have a lack of detail.

- We also allow both Male and Female Trans
(it's nice if you mention something in the description of you image so we can approve you image for submission faster, otherwise we might consider it a cis character )

- We can not allow all kind of picture's and drawings, and will filter out our gallery a bit, we can't just accept every Deviation you want to submit. (but don't give up if your deviation is not accepted to the group)

- Avoid submitting sketches. They will probably be denied since we prioritize finished works. (What you submit should catch the eye of the admins, if not it will probably be Declined)

- Submit JUST official Anime, Manga and game characters to the fan art folder. If you drew your friend's OC, submit it to the OC folder.

- Don't submit traced or base artworks.

- This group is based on human characters, so the maximum we'll be taking in is kemonomimi. Therefore, no furry or anthro art will be accepted, I'm sorry.

(we are not some Yaoi / Yuri Group, we have the focus on the characters.)

Please avoid submitting extreme fetishism. This is very unconfortable to our community, and DA also doesn't allow it.

Photos are now permanently banned from the group.

-Only visual art, please.

but most important ... Have fun!
Hello, dearies, how are you all? I hope you're fine. <3 It surprised me to see that our last journal was in 2014, amg. We all apologize to you for being innactive in the group.

As some of you might've noticed, we changed the rules board a little bit, so I highly advise that you go read it if you still didn't do it. The most recent change was made just a  few minutes ago, about the photograph section, saying we'll no longer accept those.
I'm very sorry for those who enjoyed that part, be it submitting their own pics or just viewing others', but was causing a big mess.
Our intention was to keep the section for cosplay purpose only, but it doesn't seem to work this way in this group, hence the reason why we're taking it out for good.
If you have any questions, please feel free to make them in the comments here, I might even make a small FAQ.

Thanks for reading and sorry for the inconvenience!
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