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I got into a painting mood, and so I did a portrait of everyone's favorite blue robot!
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He looks distorted here for some reason... Bordering on creepy.
Still though well done. Just rather disturbing.
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Well, there's a couple of reasons for that, I've never painted him before, and also I can't scan a big painting and so I had to take a picture, but it's hard to take a straight-on picture.
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He seems thinner than usual and the shading around the eyes - especially the right eye - makes them seem significantly recessed thus creating said creepy appearance.
The thinness I'm guessing is due to the angle. And the shading possibly seems more so than it actually is due to cameras liking to distort lighting. That would also explain why he seems so pale here.

As for taking a straight on picture you could set the camera down on something stable doing your best to ensure that everything is properly aligned. If you have a tripod then it's even easier.
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