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Transformer Reproduction

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Years ago, I came up with a way for robots to reproduce. It involved nanites and extracting minerals from consumables. An excess of nanites would be produced in a cache, allowing for healing and reproduction. The 'male' would inject his cash into the 'female' and their two caches would combine to form an off spring. But that system works better for more organic looking robots. ([link] [link])

What about a purely robotic robots? Well, I figured that out.

We begin with Fig 1. Let's call this guy, Exemplar. Exemplar is a normal Transformer, like any other. But he's decided to reproduce. Now, he has two options, he can either, 1. Find a 'mate' and share parts to create a Protoform, or 2. Go it alone. To begin the process he must sacrifice some of his internal workings. The engine to his vehicle mode is filled with moving parts and will not affect his health. As he builds the body of his off spring a small part of his spark will go into the new life.

In Fig 2 Exemplar is now a proud Powermaster to a new life. His body has compensated for the internal changes required to host his 'child.' Now, the Protoform needs a name... let's call him Paragon. Paragon, is not like organic children, his mind is fully developed and comes equipped with basic knowledge, such as speech. Paragon is still highly dependent on his 'father' for Energon and must spend good portions of the day attached to his Powermaster. Paragon also still functions as Exemplar's engine in vehicle mode.

Fig 3 depicts Paragon in both his robot (left) and new gun mode (in Exemplar's hand). He is no longer dependent on Exemplar for Energon and can function on his own for the most part but he is still fairly weak and has much to learn about the world around him. As a Targetmaster he will function as his 'father's' weapon and gather tactical and social data from his experiences. At the next juncture in his life he will have to make a decision. Exemplar has up graded his chassis again now that he has had some of his components replaced.

At this point in his life Paragon must decide: on the one hand, he could take on a vehicle mode and remain at his current size, becoming a Micromaster (Fig 4). As a result, he would save on expenditure of fuel and become part of a shadowy undercurrent of Cybertron infiltrating, avoiding detection and attacking with surgical accuracy. Unfortunately due to their small size they cannot reproduce. Once his Spark has bonded with this body, he will not be able to upgrade to a larger form.

The other option is to become a Headmaster (Fig 5) and have a full sized body constructed that can transform into a vehicle that Paragon could ride in. He would become a full fledged member of society and eventually his Spark will bond to the body and he will become just like Exemplar and be ready to produce his own Protoform.
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also what would you classify rumble and frenzy? they are obviously young in personality. are they Micromasters?
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TransypooProfessional Digital Artist
Humm... well, they're connected to their master in some way. They might be Transformers who never left the Powermaster stage despite having 'grown up'.
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what would you consider a breastmaster then? (for all you youngsters, no im not being funny) they are notably very simular to target masters, but can still intergrate into the full robot mode (as a chest plate which empowers the carrier... and in some rare cases have "brothers") & typically have a beast rather than bot alt mode. would you classify it as a mid stage between power master and target master?

sorry for the exposition, it was for the fans who unaware of the more obscure.
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TransypooProfessional Digital Artist
Breastmasters might just be a different type of Powermaster. But yeah, that could be an intermediate step as well. Or maybe it's how the more animal types are created as opposed to being a Powermaster.

Then there's always the Brainmaster. Which could, oddly enough, be used as a way for Micromasters to turn in to bulks.
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i gotta say as a kid, i never saw why youd need Brain Masters & Head Masters. I mean they both do more or less the same thing from a robot stand point... i know some would argue armour, but HeadMaster's Juniors have extra armour (sinc e they wear seat as a helmet)... neck armour i guess? (yes i know as toy it a differnt gymic, and not kinda neat)
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Neo-ZanderHobbyist General Artist
At first when I saw this I was going to make serious fun of this...

But after reading it and with the reasonable examples you illustrated I HAVE to admit it makes sense in the TF universe. (even the naninte 'caches' made some sense but I agree with you that for more organic looking bots)

So, bravo on this, makes sense on multiple levels on how robots have microbots with them, where smaller robots came from, and how sparks are transferred to other bots as well. Very nice work.
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SwapfireStudent Digital Artist
Very good design..
This actually makes sense, other don't
and it's pretty creative and wicked!
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DaimosX Writer
Wow. Amazing stuff there. Very interesting.
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Very thorough. This would be cool in real transformers. It would make perfect sense. You should also make a planet project based on those organic robots.
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