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Primeval Who

Primeval and Dr. Who, two awesome British shows about time travel. One caters to my love of sci-fi, the other, Dinosaurs.

Primeval asks the question 'why are anomalies opening up suddenly?' And I wonder, why only in England? The answer is simple. There's a space doctor punching holes in spacetime all over England.

Oh! Also, I went with the featherless dino look 'cause that's what the show tends to prefer.

And! If you like the style check out my webcomic--> [link]
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Wonder how he'll react when he learns about how long these anomalies have gone on for and how much trouble and death they've caused.

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Oi :iconwingd1: look at this.
This is a awesome crossover idea! :D
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There was already a Dr. Who episode with dinosaurs on a spaceship  >: P

That being said, this IS pretty cool
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space-time anomalies that can lead creatures of the future and the past into the present in a tv show does that.
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I didn't say it wasn't! XD
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Any one wanna roleplays this
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Ironic since in one Dr. Who episode they used the Dromeosaurus and Pteranodons in Primeval in Dinosaurs in a Spaceship episode.
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I love this! Huge fan of Primeval and Doctor Who. You did an amazing job with this!
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Actually, the anomolies don't only open in England. Its revealed in several episodes that the creatures where the inspirition for dragons, yeti's, unicorns, gods, chimera's etc, concluding that anomolies have been opened for millions of years all over the world. One of the books confirmed this, as an anomoly opens in Siberia.
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They don't only appear in the UK they appear all over ^^; it's just focusing on the team in the UK cuz, that's where all the story happens, they even have the Canadian series where it happens in Canada, man it would be awesome if they showed it in other countries
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This could be a Doctor Who episode
*Tardis landing. Normal day in Engand*
Amy: Everything seems to be normal for once
Amy:... Scrap that -_-`.
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Wanna roleplays this
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sad thing is i can picture him actually saying that. 
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That would be cool if Dr Who an Primeval joined forces for something.
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Up until the end of Series 5 of Primeval, I was always waiting for the Doctor to appear for some reason. I just think that a crossover between the two would be really cool, if only for one episode. I love Rory in the background :)
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What a wonderful combo. 

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I think it may possibly be interesting to see a Primeval/Doctor Who crossover.
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On behalf of my friend who doesn't have an account:

She loves this picture and it's a brilliant crossover
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You combined my two favorite BBC shows... I LOVE YOU!!! XD
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