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Hi everyone! Thank you all for your input, and specially to :icondavidofsmeg: for the core membership gift so I can change the account's name! ^^ The new name for the comic is TransLucid, which I think much better reflects the comic's theme and content, hope you like it!
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Hi everyone! ^^ Some people have contacted me to express their disapproval of the comic's title name because it has "schizophrenic" in it. The term had a reason to be there during my first thoughts for the comic's more general plot (even if not a very good reason honestly), but it quickly drifted away from my initial idea and now every strip is pretty much its own thing, with no overall plot at all, and the "schizophrenic" part just seems out of place. And now I've learned that to some people it might be even offensive, I'm seriously considering making the effort to change it everywhere.

I wanted your opinion on this, do you think the change is worth the effort? Does the name "transchizophrenic" bother you in any way? Do you think it's problematic enough to change it?
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